A New Look for a Neighborhood Practice

Quality Care for the Entire Family

Linden Hills Dentistry has recently remodeled and expanded their practice. It now encompasses an additional floor, with five new treatment rooms (for a total of twelve), an additional reception room, an extra sterilization space, and another conference room.

“Basically, we just needed more room to spread out,” says Dr. Kordie Reinhold, who joined the practice 32 years ago. Her expertise is in cosmetic dentistry.

Besides more space, the practice also added some new technology. One is Cone Beam CT 3D Imaging, which is extremely beneficial for implant placement and other endodontic services; another is improved airway devices.

Linden Hills provides a wide range of services for people of all ages, including general dentistry, cosmetic services, Invisalign®, Botox®, and oral cancer screenings. At no additional charge, and for their utmost comfort, patients can request noise cancelling headphones, heated blankets, aromatherapy, and much more.

“I think it’s important that the people who come here get a good experience,” says Dr. Peter Hinke, who joined Linden Hills Dentistry in 1995, and who provides comprehensive care as well as endodontics. “That’s what really matters to all of us. Having patients want to come back and having their friends and family come here as well.”

In addition to Dr. Reinhold and Dr. Hinke, there are two associate dentists. Dr. Jane Puntillo, who is passionate about high quality, gentle care, and Dr. Matt Hawn, who joined this summer, and brings 10 years of experience in dentistry to the practice.

“We’re thrilled to have him,” says Dr. Hinke. “He’s a great addition.”

Linden Hills Dentistry also employs a number of hygienists, who make up their wellness team, and a first-rate office staff.

“We work with the best staff,” says Dr. Reinhold. “Great hygienists and a great business staff who are very motivated and engaged. We have a really good culture; we enjoy each other a lot, support each other, and try to make the most of every day.”

Adds Dr. Hinke, “It’s a very unique workplace and everyone looks forward to coming to work and serving our patients.”

Dr. Reinhold stresses that they have a true commitment to service. They have done extensive training and are always striving to make the patient experience more enjoyable.

“We spend a lot of time working on that and it’s part of who we are,” she says. “There are many people who find dentistry rather stressful and it’s really rewarding when patients are pleased with the way everything went.”

Since they realize that the cost of dental care can be an issue, they try their best to keep prices down and accept most forms of insurance. They also pride themselves on standing behind their work and caring about the families that have been loyal to them for years. Dr. Reinhold says she has patients she saw as children who are now bringing in their own children.

“The rewards [of dentistry] have been an amazing career, the people I get to encounter, and watching families grow and change,” she says.

Linden Hills Dentistry is in a wonderful area, says Dr. Hinke, and is surrounded by beautiful lakes. Residents are very supportive of the small business district and are grateful for it. He goes on to say that Linden Hills is a very close-knit community.  

“We kind of put our stake in the ground by living here and working here; we live less than three blocks away from the office,” says Dr. Hinke.

Hinke and Reinhold share more than a career in dentistry. Married for 30 years, their philosophy is to stay active when not in the office. They both work out at a gym and try to stay as fit and healthly as possible.

“We both actively try to engage in physical fitness and diversifying that with as many things as we possibly can,” says Dr. Reinhold. “It’s been a big part of our lives, and we have three children who are now adults who are all equally healthy. As a family, when we were able to travel, it always included fitness.”

The newly remodeled and expanded office is state of the art, clean, and updated. In order to keep everyone healthy and safe from COVID-19, they’ve implemented some new strategies. For example, they added air purifiers in every treatment room; these have the ability to turn the air over every six minutes. In addition, they’ve invested in new high-volume evacuation systems to limit or reduce the aerosols that can be created during dental procedures. All surfaces are wiped down between patients, and, of course, all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protocols are enforced and implemented in every way.

“People can feel very comfortable and very safe coming here,” said Dr. Hinke.

To find out more, go to https://www.lindenhillsdentistry.com/.

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