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Vintage New Looks

Bringing Vintage Pieces Back to Life

Vintage pieces are beloved for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, giving you a look into the designs of the past.  Owner, Shana Stolz of The Pineapple Market loves finding old and new pieces and pairing them together.  She loves combining a colorful, bright new item with an aged, and lovingly worn-out old piece.  When it comes to vintage furniture, Shana loves keeping natural wood original, and the more dings the better! One of her favorite pieces is an old postal cabinet that has open slots where the mailman would set everyone's mail, just simply there, out in the open, perhaps providing a glimpse into the behavior of people almost a century ago.  The fossilized smudges and nicks of residents fetching their mail day in and day out.  Pairing new decor with old designs brings those vintage pieces back to life and keeps their story going.  When customers walk in her store door, Shana loves to observe them smile, and release a calm exhale as they quietly walk around and admire all of the intricacies.  All humans need a dose of nostalgia now and then.  To feel that warm spark of a memory that whisks you away for a few moments!  New pieces seem to enhance old ones and while one item was made over 100 years earlier the two items almost seem made for each other.  Shana likes to remind her customers who are looking to explore and decorate, that when you find a piece that moves you, go for it!  Don't worry if it matches the display you saw online or in a store, have the confidence to be creative on your own!   To help guide her customers in creating their personal space, Shana likes to remind people to keep the following three design tips in mind: First, have a theme and don't let it get lost, sometimes less is more. Second, decorate in sets of three by combining three different sizes, colors, or textures.  And third, always have a "wow" piece that is bright and attractive, and also neutral and classic. But most of all, give yourself some credit and have fun rejuvenating your soul while rejuvenating some decor! 

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