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A New Twist on Dating

Katrina T'Marie Curtis and No More Boyfriends

Katrina T'Marie Curtis is a coach and influencer who founded the #NoMoreBoyfriends movement, which holds both women and men accountable for the dating situation. She imparts traditional values with a modern twist. She is also the author of the book No More Boyfriends. This is how she became a dating coach.

No More Boyfriends started off as a journal to herself after a failed relationship that lasted 2 years but did not end in marriage. After, yet another failed relationship, she decided to journal things that she could have done differently. She knew she was not the only woman who has made a boyfriend her “husband.” 

“I began to realize what I was writing for me, could help other women and thus… No More Boyfriends was birthed…a guide to help women navigate the dating pool."

Now it’s true that the dating pool is full of many delusional, entitled, damaged people who don’t think there’s anything wrong with how they act with no sense of accountability and way too much audacity. With that being said, it’s YOUR choice on who you decide to entertain,” says Curtis.  

Here’s her list of tips on how:

1) Know what you want BEFORE you go outside. – when you know what you want, you won’t entertain what you don’t.

2) Take your time! I know it feels like it’s scarce outside and when you find someone that seems to fit, you want to lock in quick. Enjoy the journey from dating to the relationship, making sure you see all the exits in case you need to get off!

3) Be Intentional. Vet. Vet. Oh… and did I say VET!!

4) Trust your gut. If something feels off, it normally is. Don’t let lightning have to strike you to get it!

5) Ask a Friend/Match service- having someone to connect you with someone has often led to successful relationships. Mutual friends can vouch for your character which can help build trust and credibility with the person you’re meeting.

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