Fitness Meets Nutrition at Club Sweat

Laura Sabia's Newest Fitness Offering

Laura Sabia not only has a passion for health and fitness, she has built businesses on it. She began her career in the fitness industry at a local YMCA teaching swim lessons. Her first workout studios, Pure Barre, have been widely popular in Darien, Westport and Fairfield since their inception in 2013. She founded Club Sweat to provide group fitness classes that specialize in high-intensity elliptical and weight-lifting training. 

The concept of Club Sweat was built out of a need for both cardio and strength training, in addition to typical low-impact barre, yoga or pilates workouts. Sabia brought this product into the market to complement the workouts that her clients already enjoyed. Not only did she develop a new club concept, she integrated nutrition into the business model. As she saw it, there were several benefits to both the business and clients. Ultimately, integrating nutrition into the business model not only broadened the scope of services but also contributed to a more comprehensive and effective approach to promoting health and well-being for clients. It aligned with the understanding that fitness and nutrition are interconnected elements in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. 

​First and foremost, Club Sweat is not just for women. There are several class formats, one of which is the signature class. This class uses the elliptical machine to provide many benefits, including a reduced risk of injury, improved cardiovascular health and calorie burning/weight management. Their strength training and resistance class offers a multitude of physical, mental and overall health benefits. Incorporating these types of exercises into a fitness routine can contribute to various positive outcomes. Lastly, they have a third class that is a combination of the elliptical cardio class and strength training which is half off the machine and half on the machine. This class is a MEMBER FAVORITE!  

​Club Sweat has numerous plans that can easily fit anyone’s schedule. Class packs of classes of five, 10 or 20 are in-person only. Their VIP All Access Memberships include both in-person and live stream classes, and VIP Perks such as free guest passes, exclusive discounts and more. Clients can choose between a recurring monthly VIP All Access Membership or a paid-in-full six-month VIP All Access Membership. 

When asked what she would say to inspire people who have made a resolution to become more healthy and fit in 2024, Sabia said,  “Deciding to get movement into your life in any way, shape or form is a positive thing. Don't be intimidated and have fun!” We couldn’t agree more! 

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