Pantry Paradise with Closet Concepts HTX

Closet Concepts HTX creates stylish food storage spaces with everyday function

Article by Erica Hernandez

Photography by Chris Spicks Photography

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

When Closet Concepts HTX designer Neelam Dhukani first settled into her new townhome, she was dazzled by the size of her pantry. It was a spacious room with shelving wrapped around three walls. But with basic, builder-grade shelving, her groceries and kitchen appliances just wouldn’t sit quite right–or at least, she knew the organization could be much better. That’s when Neelam delved deep into her design background and created a vision for a custom pantry that would be both aesthetically pleasing and supremely functional. 

“With the kitchen counter space being limited, I knew I needed to maximize the [pantry] storage as best as possible,” Neelam says. 

The result? A Pinterest-worthy pantry outfitted with a stylish bar, eye-catching wine storage and spacious, sleek shelving for all her nifty kitchen gadgets. After Neelam’s pantry makeover, the space is now well-equipped to handle her groceries, household supplies as well as her favorite wines and drinks. Her vision was brought to life by Closet Concepts HTX, a design and renovation company that helps people make the best use of the space in their homes with custom storage and organization systems.

Contrary to its name, Closet Concepts HTX is about more than just closets. The company creates and installs organization systems for every room in the home. Their work includes custom cabinetry, built-in structures and entertainment centers. They’ve created slat wall vertical storage in a garage and helped homeowners convert empty spaces into home offices. They’ve renovated laundry rooms and equipped a mudroom with cubbies, coat hooks and adjustable shelving. Each project is made to order, exactly as each customer desires.

“The end goal is to fit the client’s needs, and for every client it’s different,” says Ricky Patel, who co-owns Closet Concepts HTX along with business partner Hilary Pavia. “It’s really about understanding their lifestyle, how they live and incorporating what we do to give them a better setup.”

The company, founded in 2019, takes a detailed approach to solving homeowners’ storage and organization woes. Clients often reach out to Closet Concepts HTX after finding design inspiration online, but not knowing how to bring the idea to life. The company offers a one-stop shop for design, in-house manufacturing, elegant accents and quality installation for every project. 

The remodeling process starts with a design consultation so the team can get a sense of your daily needs. With a new pantry design, for instance, some people may want shelving measurements cut specifically for their favorite storage containers, while others might opt for creating a spacious kids’ snack station. After the design is complete, you’ll get a chance to review the plans and make changes. Next, you’ll select the material colors and styles you’d like to use for your project. Closet Concepts HTX offers high-end features such as embedded lighting in the shelves, glass cabinets, granite countertops and decorative hardware to make each project more visually appealing. Next, the main project pieces will be custom-built in-house at the company’s Houston workshop. Finally, the company handles installation by booking a crew to work around your schedule. 

When it comes to designing your first pantry, Ricky suggests homeowners keep in mind how the space is used on a day-to-day basis. They should also continually think about their end goal for renovating their space. Is it to have more space for baking goods, better ways to store kitchen appliances or is it to create a stylish ambiance in the kitchen? Whatever the goal, Ricky suggests keeping functionality at the forefront of the design process and letting Closet Concepts HTX help them through from start to finish. 

“We like to make it a one-stop shop for clients by providing all of the services needed to recreate their spaces,” Ricky says. “We are turnkey!” 3410 Yale Street, Houston, Texas 832.203.8161

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