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A Passion for Family & Advocacy

Roxana works diligently to bring women into the picture.

The youngest of four, Roxana Daniel was born and raised in Long Island. In the 1990s, she moved to Orlando and made it her home. “I love Florida,” she proclaims. “Today I define more as a Florida girl.” Part of a large, close-knit family on both sides, Roxana — along her parents and most of their family — are now Orlandoans, living only 10 to 20 minutes from each other.

Describing herself as strong willed, Roxana entered the world of work the minute she could. She landed her first job at age 15 working at Disney (though she couldn’t start until she turned 16). Work was always important to her — not necessarily for the money, but for the independence. “It was important for me to have my own work ethic and stand out for being professional. I took every job I had seriously.”

As she grew into an adulthood, Roxana became the “caretaker” of the family, as odd as that may sound — the one telling everybody right from wrong. “Even my parents,” she laughs. Today, Roxana’s still the one advocating for herself and others. If something doesn’t feel right, she speaks up.

Roxana has always tended to be an advocate who stands up for others. This desire to help empower individuals and families has carried over into her professional life as well, where she’s an agent with New York Life. “I’m always encouraging girls or women, telling them they can do it, that they should go for it at work. I find their strengths and let them know what I think they are — how I see them adding value to our team or department, to a situation. I’m really good at highlighting other women’s strengths and helping them feel confident at making decisions.”

Most clients come to Roxana for financial protection, but they don’t necessarily know all of the other things she can offer. “I take a holistic approach to finances. While they’re coming to me for the protection aspect, I’m educating them along the way. That’s where wives and moms learn so much more about how they can get involved and not only protect their family, but also strengthen their kids’ financial future.”

One of the things Roxana is passionate about is helping women get more involved in in the process, for their family and themselves. “It’s important that women take the opportunity to use their voice. I’m working hard to educate moms about the importance of generational wealth, starting as early as they can to not only protect their family, but strengthen their finances so their children can have something to rely on.”

To maintain balance, Roxana’s days aren’t all spent with work. During their free time she, her husband Michael, and their children Aaron and Ameera can usually be found either out by the pool, at a sporting event or traveling together. “We’re a big sports family. We love going to Orlando Magic games and Patriots away games when we can. Michael’s from Boston so he’s a huge Patriots fan.”


“My goal is to take a holistic approach to finances and show how each person in a family adds value. And it isn’t the same solution for everyone. I dig deep into what their goals are and what’s best for them.”

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