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Lion’s Den Beau Monde Cigar Bar and Restaurant

This month, in our men's issue, we couldn't leave out the men's den created by Varsha Kalburgi, owner of Lion’s Den Beau Monde Cigar Bar and Restaurant 

Varsha spent 25 years in Bangalore, India, where she was a clever student of her mother’s cooking. “I have always been inspired by my mom’s cooking skills. She just knows how to make any dish ever so tasty,” says Varsha. “Her ability to cook has taught me to cherish my heritage.” The flavors of garlic, onion, peppers, mint, oregano, and cumin were Varsha’s culinary playground and the ultimate foundation for what would become her greatest adventure to date - a true home away from home for her guests.

Beau Monde Cigar Bar and Restaurant was born out of Varsha’s love of entertaining. “When I first saw the space, the dream started to fall into place,” says Varsha of her Johns Creek location. “I envisioned a place for people in the community to gather and enjoy the pure indulgence of a classy cigar bar with a relaxed atmosphere, creative craft cocktails and delicious culinary offerings.” The cocktail menu boasts smoked bourbon, special cognac and gin-based cocktails. The small plate menu is globally inspired.

“The pandemic almost took away my dream even before I started to make it work," says Varsha. The grand opening was March 17, 2020 and just a couple of days later, a total lockdown was announced. “Thanks to our patrons and community members, we kept going.” One year later, The Beau Monde Cigar Bar and Restaurant is welcoming guests with the warmest hospitality, serving delicious cocktails, and the finest collection of cigars.

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