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A Place for your Mind, Body, and Soul

Article by Stevie Peterson

Photography by Telless Photography

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

As we enter this new year of the pandemic with a fresh new variant, we—if we are honest—are truly strained. The weight of navigating during this phase of uncertainty has taken a toll on our entire being. Tiffany Baskett, Owner of True Align Wholistic Life and Founder/CMO of The Fitness Collective ATL, has a path we can take to wellness, one to one, in a group, or virtually; she has the tools to help bring balance.

March 11, 2020, Baskett celebrated the grand opening of “The Fitness Collective,” an expansion of her already thriving business, True Align. The Fitness Collective would be a studio where members of the community would enter a door greeted by a logo of three triangles that would give a glimpse of what would be inside.

Instead, COVID-19 caused businesses to close their doors and people to hunker inside from fear of a mysterious virus. Baskett was determined her business would succeed, and she knew she needed to pivot.

She needed to look no farther than her logo’s color—her favorite, purple—which represents energy work, health, a reminder to focus on what you really want, and regality.

Baskett donned her crown and began offering one-to-one classes for long-time clients and those comfortable with face-to-face situations and Zoom classes for new clients or those opting to stay home but desiring a sense of wellness.

Baskett’s approach to wellness is “Wholistic”:

·       Emotional: In relationships, do your wear your heart on your sleeve or on your body? Our bodies try to tell us how we are dealing with emotions (difficultly doing daily chores, limited flexibility, etc.).

·       Spiritual: Regarding your connection to higher source, what keeps you grounded, and how do you navigate your moral compass? Sometimes we need to disconnect from the world and just simply breathe, abstain from starchy and heavy foods, or just stretch.

Physical: The triangle (like the one used by The Fitness Collective) can represent a body and is a symbol of femineity. When was the last time you danced or moved that small muscle in your leg or arm? Do you sit in front of a computer screen most of the day? The Fitness Collective is a boutique fitness space in the Sandtown Crossing Shopping Plaza in South Fulton. The FC offers different forms of yoga, including KEMETIC (adapted from ancient Egypt though long thought to be from India or Asia), YIN (restorative where external props like blocks are used to increase flexibility), FLOW (constant movement throughout the sessions), and BUTI (high cardio, fast pace, trendy music, and dance).

Now that people are slowly venturing out, Baskett offers different membership levels at a price and comfort level to fit your needs. In addition to Baskett, all of the trainers (also known as Experienced Motivators) are National Association of Science Medicine (NASM) and American Council of Exercise (ACE) certified and registered with Yoga Alliance among other FitPro governing associations. The Fitness Collective is where serious transformations take place through Barre (as in ballet) fitness, Pilates, dance, and even bootcamp, not to mention alternative methods of myofascial release, ear candling, cupping, and Yoga therapy to address imbalances in the whole being.


In person, a sisterhood of women desiring balance meet regularly to meditate, flow, and work out. They have even journaled during a session where they detoxed and kept each other motivated, resulting in weight loss and energy gained.

Men need love too. Men are always welcome, and through a partnership with Keith A. Lewis Jr.’s organization I’M A FATHER FIRST, The Fitness Collective hosts a series of events where fathers and father figures can bring their youth for movement healing sessions.

A little shy? Join a Zoom session or request a one-to-one session with a trainer.

Still unsure? Follow @fitnesscollective_atl for inspiring quotes that will get you through the day, cause you to think, and remind you to strive for balance.