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A Plant on Every Plate

‘STL Veg Girl’ Is on a Healthy Mission

Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have the power to change your health, proclaims Caryn Dugan. She ought to know; her personal brush with cancer prompted her to mega-boost her lifelong pursuit of healthiest eating.

Known as “STL Veg Girl,” Caryn built a business around “meals that heal,” all through plant-based diets.

She’s often seen sharing healthy recipes on television, home shows and cooking classes at the Dierbergs in Des Peres or The Kitchen Conservatory in Clayton. She makes house calls to deliver customized menus and help clients learn to prepare plant-driven meals. She offers the “Forks Over Knives” program to assist clients with setting up their own support program among family and friends. She even blogs about all of her experiences.

This cook became certified to assist with nutritional programs for cancer and diabetic patients, too.

Additionally, this year, she spearheaded St. Louis’ first nutrition summit about the importance of plants in diets. Held at Washington University, the summit featured world-recognized researchers and experts who presented to a sold-out crowd representing 16 states and two countries.

Caryn provides what she calls “culinary Rx” through her new cooking and nutrition program for which she joined with Rouxbe School of Cooking and the Plantrician Project to create a self-paced, 60-day online cooking program. It delivers detailed video cooking instructions and nutrition fundamentals to home cooks and clients who want to improve health through food choices and cooking.

“Whether you had a health scare or are just taking preventative measures, you can learn the tools that will forever help you gain and maintain a more fantastically healthy you,” Caryn says. “I can soften the learning curve during the transition, and we’ll take it step-by-step. Remember, we all start with a plant on every plate.”

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