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A Plateful of Stories

New Mason restaurant, My Kolorful Kitchen, invites the community to enjoy conversation and authentic Indian dishes.

Each meal at Mason’s new lunch bistro, My Kolorful Kitchen, includes authentic Indian cuisine and friendly conversations. “Every plate has a story,” says owner and chef, Aparna Thukral Kad. 

Aparna, nicknamed Appy, explains that as we gather together for a meal, so many memories, shared thoughts, family stories and neighborly conversations always seem to accompany the plate of food we are enjoying. 

Born in Bombay, India, Appy and her family traveled to many areas of the country with her father’s job. “As a young girl, I picked up different tastes, likes, and dislikes, and types of cooking while traveling throughout India,” Chef Appy recalls. “I have always been interested in cooking and enjoyed cooking for my family as I grew up. It truly intrigued me. Even as a child, I wanted to discover how flavors were created and why someone would use a certain spice, oil, or a particular cooking technique.”

Following her marriage, she and her husband moved to the United States in 2006 and eventually settled in Mason three years later. She admits she never expected to open a restaurant, but was often encouraged by friends and family who enjoyed her cooking, to someday share her talents with the community. 

During the pandemic, she began watching videos of Indian chefs and learned a variety of new recipes and cooking techniques. Then in 2021, a good friend connected her to the owner of Adesso Coffee in Mason who offered her an opportunity to prepare Indian dishes for his patrons. She reflects on that experience with appreciation, “I knew he loved Indian food because he would eat it with his hands, which is an Indian custom. I was welcomed there and it provided me a place to explore different recipes.”

When a storefront became available, Chef Appy’s family encouraged her to share her creativity and skills with the community and in June 2022, My Kolorful Kitchen opened its doors. Her best friend suggested the name, which references the very colorful Indian culture and multicolored cuisine.

My Kolorful Kitchen is open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and features a daily vegetarian and a non-vegetarian special on a revolving basis. They also offer an expansive catering and individual family pack menu from appetizers to desserts, available by pre-ordering at least 24 hours in advance.

“Everything is authentic Indian cuisine, made in-house and fresh daily in the morning for the lunch hours. I generally do a mild to medium spice level for the café, but can also customize that with the pre-ordered family packs to accommodate different tastes,” Chef Appy explains. 

She continues, “Most people do not know that every state in India has its own mini cuisine. Each dish, even when named the same, could vary in taste and be different from state to state. Most of my dishes come from my own unique and tweaked recipes.”

One of Chef Appy’s favorite dishes to cook and eat is biryani, a mixed spiced rice dish she usually prepares with either chicken or jackfruit.

“What I love about having the restaurant is the interaction with everyone. More than any other reason, I get up and go every day because of my customers. They tell me they love the food and they keep coming back,” Chef Appy reflects.

“I am grateful for all the love and support from the community and also for my family and friends for taste-testing all my creations and encouraging me along the way.”

For daily specials and pre-order menu, please visit Orders can be placed by phone, text, Facebook message or Instagram DM.

 “What I love about having the restaurant is the interaction with everyone. More than any other reason, I get up and go every day because of my customers.”

My Kolorful Kitchen

124 ½ East Main Street, Mason 

513.375.2936 |

Dishes shown on page…(from top to bottom): 

Butter Chicken Dip: Grilled tandoori chicken, tomato gravy, cashews and a little cream. Served with mini naans.

Achari Aloo Tikki: Potato fritters loaded with Indian pickle flavors. Served with garlic and cilantro chutney sauces.

Shahi Paneer: A slightly sweet tomato curry with nutty flavors of cashews. 

Saag Chicken: Chicken, spinach and spiced gravy served with rice.

  • Butter Chicken Dip
  • Achari Aloo Tikki
  • Shahi Paneer:
  • Saag Chicken