A QuickHIT of Fitness

One-on-One Personal Training All in 20 Minutes

QuickHIT Fitness Lab reps launched a new fitness attitude last December to help people get in life-changing shape, 20 minutes at a time. 

QuickHIT centers around the unique X2 Robotically Controlled Resistance machine, which has overhead and side pulleys, a foot plate, a sliding seat and an adjustable bench—complete with a computer screen providing real-time biofeedback. 

“Our device and training program is the most effective, efficient and safe method available in the world. Our process is data-driven to ensure results,” explains Micha Cooper, QuickHIT co-owner and vice president of business development. 

QuickHIT founders assert that their methods revolve around science backed by eccentric training methods, a certified professional staff of training experts and the best fitness device available.

As an owner of Missouri’s only QuickHIT fitness studios, Micha says it’s a perfect full-body workout for individuals seeking expedient, successful and safe training. QuickHIT not only provides an incredible results-driven training program, but team members also assist clients with nutrition and supplementation as well, he adds.

Local QuickHIT clients range from 14 to 83 years old. 

One to two visits per week typically is suggested; reservations are required for specific workout times.

5377 State Highway N, Suite 104, Cottleville, 636.206.8890

2386 State Highway K, O'Fallon, 636.206.8890

30 Fox Valley Center, Arnold, 636.393.3337

CHEST PRESS: A pressing movement that focuses on the pectoral muscles as a prime mover, while the triceps, deltoids and forearms assist.

LAT PULLDOWN: The lat pulldown engages the entire back, including the prime mover, which is the latissimus dorsi, followed by the forearms and biceps.

LEG PRESS: The leg press works to strengthen the entire lower body, consisting of the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings and hip adductors.

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