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R.D. Baker of Ambassador Colorado Real Estate, Puts People First

R.D. Baker, broker and partner of Ambassador Colorado Real Estate, has made a huge impression on countless individuals in the community. Before entering into real estate, R.D. was a coach and teacher. He started out in real estate working for a homebuilder. His knowledge of real estate and background in education are a couple of the many reasons R.D.’s clients speak so highly of him. While R.D. has quite an impressive background already, he was also a pastor. “I like to be personable, life is not about transactions, but rather about building relationships.” R.D. continues, “Business to me is the opportunity to have an impact on an individual that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Randall and Eva Snyder have known R.D. for roughly 11 years. They first met when attending the same church. When they decided to sell their home, “R.D. was the natural choice,” Eva explains, “because of his morals and values, and he has a really good idea of what to do and what not to do.” R.D. would make regular visits to the Snyder’s home to help paint and repair things to prepare for the sale. “He really helped with the process, everything was seamless,” says Eva. The Snyder’s purchased another home and R.D. was their go-to because he was so knowledgeable and quick to respond. R.D. has a lot of experience, but even more than that, he truly cares for his clients. “I think sometimes people maybe get a realtor who is just in it for the money, but R.D. really puts a lot of work into what he does, which I think reflects on his honest attitude and wanting to make sure that you are successful in the process of buying or selling a house.” Eva says. “He’s a great guy, we love him dearly.”

Shaung Yi and Sherri Sun have known RD since 2016, when Sherri met R.D. at an open house. R.D. showed them some nice homes, but ultimately they decided they wanted to buy a new build. This was the couple’s first experience with buying a new build and R.D.’s background in home construction came in very useful during this process. They signed their contract in 2017, and the house was ready to move into in 2019. During the two-year process there were a number of issues that came up, and R.D. worked hard to ensure that everything went as smooth as possible. “He would drive from Loveland for even minor things. He would send emails to the company to check on the progress of the house and would let us know what was going on,” says Shuang. “He was so helpful, and from that we became friends. He would call us regularly even after we moved in, in fact we still call and email each other.” Just this past Christmas, Shaung was having some issues making a repair in their basement, not knowing what to do he called R.D. He came over right away and helped them find someone to do the drywall and was hands-on with the repair work. “He’s just that kind of guy.” Shuang says about R.D. “Every time we call him with questions he says, “Okay, I’ll just come by.”

Erik Klaus and Kaleigh Dunn purchased a beautiful home in Marianna Butte. When they went to look at the house R.D. brought a lot of things to their attention that they wouldn’t have thought of. “I really felt like from the get go he was looking out for us and we felt like we could trust him to come across things that we wouldn’t know to look for.” Kaleigh explains. The house included features that they had not encountered before in buying a house, and R.D. was able to help them navigate this new terrain. “Buying a home is fun once you get there, but going through all the things to get there is not fun at all, and R.D. took so much of that off of our plate, so that we could go to work and continue to do our daily responsibilities. I really feel like he took so much of the stress away.” Kaleigh says. R.D. made appointments and did things that Erik and Kaleigh did not expect a realtor to do, such as getting a warranty on their appliances for them. If anything came up Erik and Kaleigh knew they could call or text R.D. and he would be right there. “R.D always has a smile on his face and would explain things in layman terms and would just take care of things for us.” Kaleigh explains, “It felt like working with a family member, because of the way he was always looking out for us, not just as clients but as people… We’ve gained a new friend for life out of this, my husband has a new golfing buddy.” The couple were especially impressed when after they purchased the home, R.D. went over to help them unload things out of their trailer, and volunteered his time to physically help move them, proving that his passion is for the people rather than the dotted line.

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