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Samantha Grose is the Owner of Oak & Arrow Homes, a design-build firm with a focus on whole house renovations.  With a degree in Architecture, Samantha takes a unique approach to residential design bringing her clients a clear vision for their home and how to make it happen.

Samantha recently renovate this cape cod style home for a lovely family of three. Their goal wasn’t to create a bigger home; rather an overall smarter and more efficient use of space, with a small addition. “Samantha listened to our wants and needs and created a unique design that made our house feel more open and functional for our family.” said Jennifer, the homeowner. 

Aesthetically, the family loves mid century modern. “I was really excited for the challenge of weaving a more modern style into their traditional cape cod. They have great style and an eye for detail so the whole process was a true collaboration!” said Samantha, owner of Oak & Arrow Homes. 

The original kitchen was feeling a little congested, so the family wanted to open it up for entertaining and create an easier flow so they could all cook together. Oak & Arrow took advantage of the galley style wide walkway and focused on the busy areas. The sink and dishwasher are no longer back-to-back with the range, which eliminates a lot of the congestion.  They opted for open shelves in a few spots to add to the open feel along with lots of windows. They created more space further down the line for food prep and people when entertaining.

Samantha’s favorite design element was a simple but impactful change that was opening up the stairway wall.  She exposed the last few treads of the stairs to create a beautiful architectural feature to the space, in addition to making it feel much bigger.

Oak & Arrow utilized the small addition to create a much needed mudroom. Samantha adds, “Since it isn’t a closed off space, we designed a gorgeous custom white oak cabinet to hide coats and shoes.  This gives them so much storage!”

The original upper floor plan had low angled ceilings, 2 bedrooms, tiny closets and a small landing area.  “I love the architectural surprise these upstairs spaces are.  You don’t expect to have a 13’ vault in the attic of a cap cod.” Samantha said. 

The client's great taste and inspiration came to life with the stunning bathroom. This bathroom has been one of Oak & Arrows most saved spaces on social media. A Rejuvenation vanity was used as the inspiration for this space and incorporated a fun mix of matte black and brushed gold finishes to tie everything together. 

Now this family has a home they will thrive in for many years to come.