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A Room-by-Room Guide to Farmhouse Design


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Do you love farmhouse interior decor? Me too! That's why I've made a comprehensive guide to turning any room in your home into a farmhouse dream. The great thing about farmhouse pieces is that a lot of them can be swapped into different rooms, so you can always be changing up your look by moving some things from the living room into your home office or vice versa. Click on each room for a shopping guide and inspiration.


There are several steps to renovating a bathroom. First, you have to gather all of your inspiration photos and pick out which elements you like best. You can do that with 21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms! Next, you'll need to shop for all of those pieces you are consistently liking in each inspiration photo. To make it easy, you can shop the links that are in Design a Farmhouse-Style Bathroom. Lastly, once you put the whole project together and have everything installed, painted and hung, you'll want to add some final touches to make it feel like home to you. You'll also want it to be stocked for friends and family visiting. Use Creating a Welcoming Bathroom for Guests to make sure you've thought of everything and are ready to enjoy all of your hard work.

Baby Nursery

If you want to design a baby room with modern decor that will be able to find a home in other parts of your house as your child gets older, the farmhouse trend is a great way to go. Below is everything you need to get started planning your nursery, from inspirational room designs to shopping guides.

Storage Space

If you have rustic, cottagecore vibes in your home, plastic storage bins aren't going to fit very well. Here are some beautiful, cozy storage options that double as home decor.

Guest Room/Bedroom

When you have guests stay with you, you want your home to feel clean, but not so pristine that they don't feel like they can relax and be themselves. A guest room is a place for your friends and family to unwind after your busy day together, so you want to create a welcoming environment. Farmhouse is a great decor style to choose for a guest bedroom because it's naturally cozy and comfortable.

Den/Living Room/Family Room

Living room, family room, den—whatever you call it, it's where you and your family spend your time hanging out together, watching TV, playing board games, building forts and having those big life talks. Create a cozy space with a farmhouse aesthetic.

Dining Room

For a farmhouse-style dining room, there are two different directions you could take it. On one hand, you could dive into the rustic charm with natural wooden chairs, antique serving dishes, large potted trees with thicker wooden branches (I'm thinking a money tree or yucca tree for this look.), and a checkered table runner and cloth napkins.

For a more elegant take on the farmhouse style, you could choose cloth chairs in soft neutrals, dainty place settings, wild flowers in delicate vases, and leafy greens like a pothos that will overflow from its pot.


If you're into the modern farmhouse style, your kitchen is a great place to try it. There is so much you can change around and play with. Try stick-on wallpaper for the backsplash above your stove and counters. Switch out the holders for utensils and fruit on your countertops. Change your dish towels. Find some new barstool chairs. The opportunities are endless, and they don't have to be huge renovations to your kitchen.

Home Office

Your home office can be so many things—a place to get work done, a quiet place away from the family to read a book, a crafting room, and more. The important thing is to decorate it in a way that makes you feel most like yourself so you can be both comfortable and productive. If your vibe leans a bit cottagecore, a farmhouse-styleoffice is perfect for you.

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