A Salute to Our Troops Honors Service

On Flag Day, June 10, an enthusiastic gathering of caring and patriotic Americans honored our flag as it should be correctly honored at A Salute to Our Troops event at Janss Mall. As stated by the group's founder, Linda Patterson, their mission is to raise the morale of our troops as high as the clouds. By sending packages to our troops and increasing community awareness of the positive effect these packages have on our warriors, it creates a bond of Americans supporting Americans. 

Guests were also treated to an inspiring speech by Captain Charles Plumb, U.S. Navy Retired. On his 75th mission, just five days before the end of his tour, Plumb was shot down over Hanoi, taken prisoner, tortured and spent the next 2,103 days in North Vietnamese Prisoner of War camps. He was also a contemporary of Senator John McCain as a Prisoner of War. He now lectures on lessons learned from that experience. 

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