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A Seasonal Celebration that Gives Back

The Christmas Groove Has Raised Over $300,000 Since it's Inception in 2004

For more than a decade, a local nonprofit organization has been using the power of music to make a difference in the community. What started as a small group of local musicians performing at a community church in 2004 has grown into an annual event, and most recently at the beautiful Akron Civic Theater. Over the years, the event has raised close to $320,000 for local charities and food banks. Along the way, the Christmas Groove has brought people together and made a tangible impact on those in need. 

Robb and Joni Colbrunn, the driving force behind Christmas Groove, have brought joy and generosity to their community personally and publicly. They met in college in the band percussion section and have been a community backer for as long as they can remember. In addition to working with their musician friends to put on the annual Christmas Groove, they are committed to giving back in their everyday lives. They are foster parents and are also raising five children of their own. Their passion for helping others and making a positive impact in our local community extends far beyond the Christmas Groove concert, and they are truly an inspiration.

Robb reflects humbly on how the Christmas Groove was founded by everyday folks and has grown to over 30 musicians from as far as Columbus. With the goal of providing families with an opportunity to spend the evening together while enabling them to give back through monetary donations, Christmas Groove has been a heartwarming holiday tradition that gets bigger and bigger every year.  All of the proceeds from the concert go directly to the chosen recipients.

The Christmas Groove is the perfect blend of fun entertainment and holiday music that satisfies all ages. But it's also more than that. It's a chance to come together as a community and celebrate the spirit of the season. A story of a positive impact is recalled by Joni: a woman who attended a Friday night performance with some friends returned the next day to donate what she could find in her couch cushions after being moved by the show. She thanked the organizers for bringing joy to her holiday season and for the work they do and gave a crumpled dollar bill and some coins, proving to the Christmas Groove that every little bit helps and that their efforts truly have an influence on the lives of others.

Thanks to corporate sponsorships, the Christmas Groove can give 100% of all proceeds to the chosen recipient. If you would like to support the Christmas Groove through sponsorship, the organization accepts donations year-round. Your support will help make a difference in the community and bring joy and generosity to those in need.  

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