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A Shop That Feeds The Soul

Caring For Others Never Goes Out Of Style

For Margaret Ziegler of Spring Hill, Vintage 615 Boutique Clothing and Decor is not just a place to sell merchandise, but to dispense hugs, elicit laughter, and provide love. “I want everybody to always feel like they're seen, cared for and valued,” she says. “My store is a platform to do that.”

Margaret took over the shop about seven years ago from a good friend. “She told me this was her baby and she wanted to keep it thriving and she knew I would do that and take it to another level. To have another woman, another friend, believe in me meant so much and was empowering.”

Today the store has moved away from the vintage into the new. “We've gone in the direction of a gift shop and boutique, which covers everything from purses and jewelry to fashion,” she says. Margaret carefully chooses merchandise that women will want to give to their girlfriends, their mothers and aunts for any and all occasions.

Her husband, Chris, is the co-owner and also owns Living 615, a furniture store in Spring Hill. “He's got one of the best hearts of anyone I've ever met and he loves unconditionally,” says Margaret. “Whatever I'm trying to do, he's there to help me.”

She praises the teams they both have in their respective stores. “It's nice to have people you can trust and rely on,” she says. “The women in my store have kind characters, which is one of the most important things to me. You can teach people what to do, but you can't teach kindness.” To add to the happy atmosphere, her little rescue dog Shelby is often there to meet and greet customers.

In addition to being a wife and mother, owning Vintage 615 and caring for her 97-year-old father, Margaret is also very involved in her community, including being a member of the Chamber of Commerce. “I just feel like that's part of life and it allows me so many cool opportunities to meet people.”

Through the store, she offers many free events such as pictures with the Easter Bunny, live goats, and Spider-Man and pictures with Santa during the holidays.

“I knew God wanted me to do something in a way that would glorify him - to be a light, to be positive, to be loving - and that's the thing that I've tried to cultivate with Vintage 615,” says Margaret.

  • Margaret Ziegler

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