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An Elegant but Simple Fall Tablescape

Your Guests Will Swoon Over This Beautiful Table Decor

Creating a unique fall or holiday tablescape setting that will stun your party guests doesn't have to be an overwhelming step of your party planning! Keep it simple and follow the steps below to create a similar beautiful look for your own gathering.

Head to your local craft store and pick out faux pumpkins in a variety of sizes and colors to creatively pile in the center of your dining table. The amount of pumpkin decor will vary depending on the length of your table, so keep that in mind as you choose! For longer tables, adding in some larger sizes will help fill the space up easily. 

You'll need a smattering of small candles in glass votives - choosing two different styles or sizes will bring more variety to your tablescape. Place two or more (depending on your table size) taller candles in the center of your pumpkins for some height difference. Smaller children at the table? No problem, opt for battery operated candles!

Your dinner plates can be something simple that you may already have in your home - dress it up with a charger plate underneath for extra texture or even color if you choose. Garnish the top of the plate with a decorative napkin of your choosing and a piece of greenery tied with a decorative string. 

Get creative and put your own twists on this setting and make it your very own!