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A Simpler Life With Lehman's

Shop For One-of-a-Kind Gifts and Celebrate the Holidays

A step-by step-journey to a simpler life. That was Jay Lehman's mission when he started Lehman's in Kidron in 1955. A man of purpose, serving the Amish with non-electric appliances lead Jay to a retail store full of items that would take others on a journey to the simpler life on the homestead. However, your homestead need not be out in the country. Even today, Lehman's vision for all to live a better, more comfortable life resonates more than ever with all types of lifestyles.

Lehman’s is the No. 1 destination in Amish country with over 40,000 square feet of items you never thought existed or would ever think could fit in your life. As a bonus, Glenda, Jay’s daughter and Lehman's Director of Marketing, says, “You need to look up to see all the unique antiques that my father collected over the years. And be sure to look for the four amazing buildings that date back to the pre-civil war era encapsulating a large portion of our store.” 

Rich in nostalgia and history, each section has a purpose — anywhere from unique children’s toys to woodburning stoves. Everything Lehman’s sells can be used to keep your life sustainable, preserved and comfortable. All the pieces that you would need to buy or replace items once you begin your journey to a simpler life can easily be found. Jay was purposeful in what filled his store throughout the years, keeping people self-reliant and self-sufficient, and Glenda is focused on keeping his vision alive. She also explains that there have been huge growth spurts over the years — like during the energy crisis in the 1970s and the Y2K movement in late 1999. Lehman's is even experiencing one now. 

What's more, is that popular influencers such as YouTuber Kent Rollins and “Off Grid with Doug and Stacy” bring visitors from all over the country to Lehman's. The recent trend of “cottagecore,” which encourages a lifestyle rooted in traditional skills like baking bread, gardening and sewing your own clothes, fits Lehmans’ mold perfectly.

Since the holidays are here, Glenda muses that Lehman’s can meet any gift-giving idea or challenge. Their shelves are full of everything from practical to pretty. Since the store’s mission is to help you with the next steps to a simpler life, there is a DIY section like no other. Glenda recommends Lehman's candle-making gift as great for the holidays because it's something you can do with someone you love, making it both a present and an experience. And even though Lehman's has a year-round holiday shop with unique ornaments and one-of-a-kind, holiday-inspired decorations, it’s the palpable holiday nostalgia that oozes from every room this time of year that makes your visit extraordinary.

Visit Lehman's at 4779 Kidron Rd., Kidron, OH 44618, and online at to learn more and to start shopping. Also, be sure to visit Lehman's for their upcoming family-friendly festivals, events and demonstrations like their Old Fashioned Christmas celebration on December 3 from 10-3 p.m. Follow Lehman's on Instagram at and Facebook at to stay up to date on more future events and in-store specials.