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Grow Wellness sprouted its roots on the top of Matchu Picchu in Peru. "Dramatic I know, but 100% true!" says Kathleen Kweskin, owner and founder of Grow Wellness.

Before Grow Wellness came to fruition, Kathleen, an herbalist, entrepreneur and wellness educator, found herself "lost" for many years, spiraling in health after trauma she had gone through. She was experiencing seizures, chronic fatigue, acne and inflammation. On top of that, she was living life in a perpetual state of degenerative stress and depression. 

At that time (2010-2013), doctors "were not connecting any of the dots" of her mind, body and spirit for her overall health and wellness, she says. "I had no idea what was going on back then," a time not long ago when integrative medicine was not easily accessible nor understood. "I thought I was broken."

At the same time, Kathleen was majoring in International Studies and Psychology at the University of New Mexico when she "stumbled into" a Positive Psychology class that opened a door for her in terms of beginning to understand the connections to herself.

After subsequently serving as a teaching assistant for Positive Psychology, practicing as a positive psychology mentor on campus, co-founding the Happiness and Positive Psychology Initiative and graduating, she knew "there was more out there."

"My passion for international culture as well as my New Mexican heritage beckoned me to travel and find my way back to myself," Kathleen says. "So I saved, and I did."

For one year, she studied, volunteered and lived in Ashrams from Spain to Peru, Indonesia to Thailand and Laos to India. "I left seeking healing and answers and came back with purpose and a drive to share," she says.

Kathleen opened Grow Wellness in 2017. Her purpose is to create an authentic environment to explore all different types of healing modalities from around the world to integrate into your health routine.

Eastern and Western medicine meet within the walls of Grow Wellness to create support and results. At the studio, you will find two bohemian rooms dedicated to advanced modalities of therapeutic massage such as cupping therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and much more. 

"Our full-spectrum infrared sauna warms up a rain shower room and a variety of yoga styles flow in the sanctuary down the hall," she says of the studio.

There are a plethora of services and classes offered under Grow Wellness, all of which hold numerous benefits of helping to manage common ailments like inflammation, depression and anxiety, nutrient depletion, slowed digestion, fatigue and overall body restriction.

"When you get a massage, attend a yoga class or experience Reiki, you activate your 'rest and digest' mode," Kathleen explains, which allows our minds and bodies to relax enough to significantly increase circulation, efficiency of our cells and physiological functions, as well as boosts energy levels while decreasing cortisol and stress hormones.

"You can imagine what these basic benefits in turn do for your heart, digestion, skin, mental health, lymphatic system and brain as well as the effect they can have when integrated into care for medical conditions," she says. 

Grow Wellness is also quickly becoming known for its integrations of animal therapy, yoga and live music, in addition to the unique wellness workshops. Speaking of workshops, held on February 17 is a class for couples where they can experience yoga and meditation together, as well as a partner massage and therapeutic mandala painting. 

WEBSITE: growwellnesstherapy.com

IG: grow_wellness

'Eastern and Western medicine meet at Grow Wellness to create support and results.'

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