Soak in the Beauty

A local designer's spa-like oasis

The Goal: to create not just a room, but an oasis of relaxation. The classic porcelain curves of an antique clawfoot tub draw the eye and set the tone for the spa-like retreat. A picture window beyond opens to the soothing view of a fairytale forest with muted greens and invites the gentle swaying of leaves into the sanctuary. Two serene shades of dusty blue flow from the vanities on either side of the tub, creating a tranquil atmosphere and paying tribute to the owner's love for the color blue. The whole room radiates a sense of peace and pampering. It delicately calls one to indulge themselves in luxury and let the rest of the world slip away.

Touch is one of the core senses human beings rely on, but seldom is it the first thing that comes to mind when you think of decorating a home. For Toni Hoppes, owner of thReading Designs, it is one of her most used tools. “I didn’t think of myself as a creative kid and definitely not artistic. I was more of a stick figure drawing kind of girl, but I was very hands on and loved to touch and feel,” Toni states.  She reminisces about helping her mother remodel their kitchen, and how much she enjoyed looking at fabrics for window treatments and other finishes. Using those memories, along with that innate love of touching sumptuous fabrics and pulling together a look, and she made it into a career.

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