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A Sphere of Influence

Grosse Pointe Chamber's Newest Fundraiser

Another exciting and fun art installation has rolled into the Grosse Pointe business districts. In the past, everything from fish and butterflies to dogs and hearts has delighted both children and adults. Now, through September, visitors will be able to enjoy 30 larger-than-life spheres created by local artists.

“The depth of talent and creativity showcased by the artists is truly remarkable, and we’re excited to share this project with the community,” says Jenny Boettcher, president of the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce, who organizes the art exhibit. “The community loves the art installations, so we bring them back every three years.”

One of the sponsors of this project, Michigan Home Builders, chose artist Ryan Demattio for his unique design called Ribbon Fun that looks three-dimensional. “Another artist, Dan Draper, is calling his design GP Time Machine Clocktower that will look like a three-dimensional clock, showcasing the incredible creativity of our local artists,” she says.

Other participating talented artists are Karen Lynn Berg, Steven Lees, Annette Aquino, Glenn McCullough, Iris Steinberg, Bridget Sullivan, Pamela McShane, Michael Stapleton, Marty Brigid Distel, Jennifer Coleman, Scott Brown, Lena Duffy, and Johanna Curtis. “Each Grosse Pointe Public School system uses students and staff to paint their sphere,” says Jenny.

She encourages people to have a ball with the street art project, take photos and send them to the Chamber, post them on their social media sites, and tag the Chamber. “With former installations, we had a fan who took a video of his dog in front of every street art project and others who took videos and photos of their kids in front of each installation,” she says.

A map will be available online at, and hard copies will be available at the Chamber Office at 106 Kercheval Avenue in Grosse Pointe Farms. 

Come out, not only to enjoy the art but also to support your favorite local businesses, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility. 

Pull quote: “The depth of talent and creativity showcased by the artists is truly remarkable.”