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A Spoonful of Sugar

Cookie Artistry for the Holidays

Holiday cookies were created by Cynthia Raven of SugarChat Cookie Studio.  Cynthia teaches cookie decorating classes locally and around the country. 

Cynthia started out years ago baking and decorating birthday cakes for her daughters, which eventually evolved into decorating cookies.  She is a lifelong baker and studied art before changing her degree to HR Management. She is currently VP of HR for a local technology company by day – and a “cookier” by night.

“Especially during the holiday season when decorating cookies, it is so much fun to go a little over the top, try out alternate festive colors such as different shades of pink, turquoise and green, invoke some whimsy, add fun embellishments, and of course add some sparkle and glitz! 

“It’s also important to remember to enjoy the process.  Find some flavor combinations that you like, research recipes, and experiment.  Invite friends and or family for a cookie day, or spend a Saturday with your kids or grandkids.  Make it a girls’ night with your besties!  But most importantly, have some fun, enjoy the season, and be kind to yourself – don’t be frustrated if they don’t look exactly the way you imagined – there is tremendous joy in simply creating from the heart!”

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