A Step Up

I'm Erin Wyatt, Director of Sales and Interior Designer for Paradise Carpet One. My father started Paradise Carpet One almost 20 years ago, I've worked with him for the past 10 years and in the industry on and off for over 20 years. Staircases are an easy and affordable way to update any home.

Wood Stair Treads with Runner

What a beautiful, rustic staircase! In this Lawrence home we created a true brown stained oak stair tread with white risers painted to match the trim then installed a rich cream and earthy brown trimmed wool stair runner . The goal for this staircase was to update but remain true to fit the style of the home. You could easily choose a more bold or organic print to really make it pop.

Hard Surface Stair Treads

With this set of stairs we updated the space with white wood spindles and a soft medium brown solid wood stair tread with white risers. It is difficult to match real wood to luxury vinyl planking, so we went with a stain that looks very similar to some of the colors found in the floor. We chose to keep the hard surface exposed here as the focal point and not add a runner.

Stairs with Pattern Carpet

Are you looking for something bold and fun? Prints make a statement depending on the color and pattern. Choosing an organic print or a more geometric print can bring a different feel to the house. This Victorian print was chosen specifically for the home and the staircase it was being installed in. The homeowner wanted a more traditional feel. Choosing a print can be tricky, make sure to consult a professional before committing. 

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