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A Story of Encouragement

Attorney Tracy Frick shares her inspiration for achieving her goals and helping others

Growing up, several women poured into Tracy Frick’s life and inspired her to chase her dreams. “From a young age, my mother taught me that an education and a strong work ethic were the keys to success. She always did everything she possibly could to help that happen,” shared Frick, who worked and paid her way through undergraduate and law school. “My 4-H leader was also so influential in my life and taught me to always give back to the community.  She would remind me that it doesn't matter what situation you're in, someone else is in a worse situation. So, it's always good to help people.”

Helping people is exactly what Frick does as an attorney at The Frick Firm. In 2008, Frick and a partner founded the firm when she was only 29 years old. She handles the legal aspects of creating a corporation for new businesses and serving as a legal representative for real estate transactions, which is required in both North and South Carolina. “Generally speaking, I practice happy, helping law without the courtroom or debates,” she said. “I like to do things that empower others and buying your first home is very empowering. It's the American dream and I enjoy being part of helping that happen. I love to see people happy.”

Frick also works with clients to protect their legacy through estate planning. “With estate planning, people have often heard of having a Will, but rarely heard of a Trust,” she explained. “It is important to understand the difference between the two. Whether a client goes with a Will or a Trust varies with the situation, but regardless, the power to decide what happens with your money after you passed away is really a big deal.”

By staying involved in the community through serving on various committees and non-profit organizations in Charlotte and surrounding areas, Frick is now inspiring a younger generation to be brave and reach their goals. “I've always loved to give back to the community and I especially love empowering young people,” she shared. “It's extremely important to help those who haven't gotten to where you are yet. If it is help with a resume or a suit for a business interview, anything you can do to help younger America be the best they can be is a good thing.”

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