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Stylist Amy Guzzi

People are shopping again and stylist Amy Guzzi (“I’m sure it’s Gucci in Italian”) is thrilled! She never bought into the sweatpants thing and, sorry Kardashians, same for bike shorts with t-shirts. Instead, she opts for items feminine and bohemian: dresses with pretty cuts, soft colors, and romantic blouses at all price points.

She also offers a dose of reality with her lovely selections. In defending Meghan Markle, Amy insists, “True nobility is showing your faults and vulnerabilities, not your perfectionism.” Of herself, she pens, “I’m also so over being nice to people and trying so hard to please people who aren’t nice to me… All that matters to me in the end is this beautiful little family I’ve created and the rest of it is just static.”

There’s as much beauty in strength as there is in style.


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