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A Style All Her Own

A Glimpse Into All Things That Make Up Christina Koder

Christina Koder operates with a style and a flair that is all her own and there are numerous words you could choose to use when describing her.  A few that come to mind are determined, hardworking, independent, gracious, adventurous, kind, creative, welcoming, motivating, strong, and inspiring; all of which only seem to scratch the surface of who she really is as a person, friend, or businesswomen. In sitting down with her, we learned a few things about style, grace and taking the time to slow down.

A lot of things in Christina Koder’s life have been either self-taught or were a natural ability that was nurtured in her. Growing up in Platteville CO, she experienced a childhood filled with everything from camping, hunting, fishing, dirt bike riding, and mechanics to horseback riding and floral design. Her father helped her learn adventure and instilled in her skills most girls never get a chance to learn. Christina also credits her mother and her aunt Carolyn as two of the women that taught, encouraged, and helped foster her passion, creativity, and natural eye for all things design, which in turn, has blossomed into a love of fixing things, remodeling, and renovating homes, furniture, and more.

From her first business named Chrissy’s Crafts, to operating a wedding design, rental, and floral company, to then an interior decorating business, and now real estate, Christina Koder has managed to merge her passions into her career. A talent that has not only helped her succeed but has helped her integrate her creativity and thrive in a competitive and ever changing world. 

A real estate agent since 2005 with RE/MAX Alliance, Christina finds numerous things she loves about her job.  Being a part of one of the biggest investments someone will make in their lives, whether it’s with a first-time home buyer, repeat customer, or seasoned investor, it truly is what she enjoys doing. She can apply her passion as a decorator to her client’s benefit; this includes getting their home ready for sale, whether it’s hiring contractors to make repairs, helping her clients to stage, rearrange and use their accessories to decorate their home before listing it, or helping buyers see the potential in a home that they may have otherwise overlooked. Not being afraid to pitch in and get her hands dirty, Christina never shies away from helping her clients. She will gladly step up to help paint, rip out carpet, do yard work, clean, or even pull staples out of hardwood floors. “Helping someone realize they can have the American dream and building relationships has been one of most gratifying parts of my career as a real estate agent,” shares Christina.

Through this approach to her career, her clients have come to know they have someone that will help through the work, not just the easy part and that they have a teammate that will make sure they don’t have to do it alone. Her business is repeat and referral, which is a nod to the character, expertise, and assistance that her clients receive with her.

Not only is she multifaceted in her career endeavors, but her hobbies as well. Christina is involved in a multitude of extracurricular activities, some of which are passions she also shares with her boyfriend Luke. Christina has her own Harley and enjoys day rides and the freedom she feels with the wind in her hair. She loves boating and found a love for wake surfing, although this is not something she grew up doing, she fell in love with the opportunity after being on a friend’s boat at Horsetooth Reservoir. So naturally, in 2015 she purchased her own boat and she learned to do it all by herself. Her and her boyfriend Luke enjoy camping with their two dogs, Tootie (a black lab) and Ryfle (a yellow lab), either lakeside or in the mountains. Tootie, named for the ever present tooting she displayed as a puppy and Rifle who was named as an ode to one of the infamous Colorado towns, are both invaluable to their parents and a large part of both Christina and Luke’s lives. Some of their favorite evenings are spent camping by a lake in the mountains, boating with friends, and sitting by the campfire.  Bonding over their shared interests, the couple finds adventure at almost every turn. Never one to back down, Christina is always growing, learning, and trying new things. She also has a love for volleyball, a good book, and an immense passion for music, attending 100s of concerts and even sponsoring the Greeley Stampede yearly.

Her new home, featured in our shoot, was something she stumbled upon while in the pursuit of land to build her own monitor style barndominium. While looking for her perfect dream property to build on, her current home came on the market. After seeing it, she wrote an offer that same night to get it under contract. She fell in love with the beautiful and bright kitchen and of course, the shop, which was big enough to house all the couple’s toys.  With a porch made for relaxing and nights by the fire, her home offers a comforting and relaxing environment that seems in line with who Christina is. 

She can back in a trailer, put a boat in the water, ride a Harley, enjoys working in the shop and owns more tools than most men, yet her most redeeming qualities shine in who she is as a person and how she shows up for those that mean the most to her. She shows us that a night on the porch with a good book can be just as rewarding as riding a Harley or operating a saw and that hard work and going the extra mile are always worth the effort. 


“Helping someone realize they can have the American dream and building relationships has been one of most gratifying parts of my career as a real estate agent” shares Christina.

  • The Koder Home
  • Christina picking out her Harley!