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A Stylish Little Shop

Filled with Love

Tucked away near the entry to The Guitar Sanctuary in Adriatica Village is the Love Life boutique. It's a very special place because the founders, Maylee Thomas Fuller and Mayor George Fuller, created it along with a couple of other friends to support women and children who are in at-risk living situations. 

The shop is chock-full of wonderful item from clothing to jewelry to lots of knickknacks. Oh, and there are hats—many hats. In fact, you will seldom see Maylee without a hat. (George has been known to wear a do-rag while riding a motorcycle.) 

Come in and browse. It's not just for the moms or wives of the guitar enthusiasts who might come in to purchase some musical product or take a lesson. You won't regret the stop. You're sure to find something you can't live without, and then you may want to take a look around the Guitar Sanctuary at some of the most beautiful and exotic guitars in the world.

But, remember—whatever you buy, or just decide to donate, goes to help someone who may be living in an abusive situation. Meanwhile, get more info at and follow the boutique on Instagram at @LoveLifeStore.

The Love Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization helping women and children love life.

Mission Statement

To further expose the plight of abused children in our community by promoting awareness in our neighbors, family and friends, encouraging their generosity and inspiring them to become involved. To break the cycle of child abuse by promoting and supporting those agencies who provide valuable aid, refuge and hope to these innocent children.