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A Sweet Baby Girl Farmhouse Nursery


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Caden Lane

If you're expecting a baby girl, I'm sure you're already making plans to spoil her like crazy. Girls are so fun to shop for, but sometimes there are also just too many choices! If you need a nursery plan to keep you grounded, try this adorable design, A Sweet Baby Girl Farmhouse Nursery, from Caden Lane. It's full of cuteness and Southern charm.

Are you over the big scripty white washed signs hanging over the crib? Yea, we aren't either. Buuuuutt we still wanted to mix it up with a new twist on this popular farmhouse nursery design trend. And we think it turned out pretty darn cute, y'all. So, here's our fresh twist on a sweet baby girl farmhouse nursery. Think cotton wreaths, pink gingham, and neutrals. Oh, and horses. Because, in Texas - you can't say farm without a little pony somewhere in the mix. 

If shiplap isn't your thing (or your hubby just won't agree)... consider moving your crib in front of the window! We love how the flowy ruffle curtains add a soft backdrop to the crib, and perfectly frame that gorgeous rustic style cotton wreath over the crib.

Every little girl should have a pony. And trust us, the framed ones are much easier than the real ones - plus then you add a Llama into the mix! We found these prints at our local home decor store, but I know there's a ton of horse and animal prints online that you can digitally print for a few dollars, and I think it'd be gorgeous on a canvas or in a frame. I just love the horse profile, and it's definitely a piece that can grow with a baby girl.

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