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Indulge at Sleek Creperie and Cafe

Sleek Fairfield Offers Sweet Treats or Savory Bites

Article by Erica Hernandez

Photography by Shannon Valentine

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

A quick walk into Sleek Creperie and Cafe is almost all you need to get a sugar rush. The new Fairfield eatery is stocked with warm crepes, mocha-flavored coffee, colorful gelatos and enough chocolate to satisfy any chocolate lover’s craving. 

“They see the chocolate and their eyes just light up,” says owner Jisha Iyer.

From the chocolate fondue station to its signature chocolate burger, Sleek’s chocolate creativity is on constant display. Here customers can indulge in a plate of fondue heaven - a popular menu item - order a chocolate-drizzled waffle or sip on a chocolate frappe. Customers can also choose sweet treats from a giant case of chocolate truffles.

And then there are the crepes.

“The beauty of a crepe is it can be made into a savory dish as well as a dessert,” says Jisha.

A crepe is much like a thin, lightweight pancake made from a simple recipe of flour, sugar and eggs. At Sleek, crepes are made one by one, completely from scratch using special equipment and a careful technique. Staffers then take this simple creation, adorn it with fruit, douse it with melted chocolate and create a piping hot dessert. For a savory version, staffers might stuff the crepe with roasted chicken or smoked salmon instead. 

Each crepe is cooked to sizzling perfection, filling the cafe with a welcoming, sugary aroma. Smells of melting chocolate and freshly-brewed coffee make the cafe come alive. Sleek’s bright decor and funky purple chairs make the environment warm, cozy and memorable. 

“The smell is divine, the lighting is nice and they’re very astute to responding to senses,” says Chris Pantuso, who frequents Sleek with his daughters. Some of their favorite items are the chocolate fondue, warm waffles and chocolate truffles. Chris has a personal mission to try every flavor of Sleek’s chocolate truffles displayed in the shop. Sleek is often a welcome reprieve from long work days for Chris. 

“You’re salivating when you pull in the parking lot because you see the chocolates right up front,” Chris says. 

Few places combine both sugary and savory flavors as smoothly as Sleek. Along with its plethora of delectable desserts, Sleek also offers salads, soups, wraps and an all-day breakfast. Soups are changed daily and spinach and fruit salads are made fresh. Customers can build their own breakfast omelette, enjoy a breakfast sandwich or order a breakfast taco filled with turkey, spinach, cheese or brisket.  

But Sleek’s creative chocolate concoctions still reign supreme on the menu. 

Some of Sleek’s signature offerings are its chocolate burger and chocolate shawarma. Made with a Belgium chocolate pattie stuffed between two soft cookies, the Choco-Burger is a Sleek classic. The shawarma is a dessert made from chocolate shavings. Add ice cream for a cool twist on this creation.

And if something’s not on the menu, Jisha will get creative to satisfy the customer's sweet tooth. 

“If people are craving something I try to customize it as much as possible for them,” Jisha says. 

Opening Sleek was a new business enterprise for Jisha. One that didn't come easy. She and her family had always been frequent customers at Sleek’s midtown location which inspired her to connect with the franchise. A longtime teacher, Jisha quit the classroom in December and decided to devote herself fulltime to establishing a Fairfield location. She found a building, hired employees and was set to open in January - just as concerns over the spread of covid-19 began to fester. As restrictions heightened, Jisha grappled with ordering much-needed equipment, food and cleaning supplies. Finally, after five months of delay, Sleek opened for business in May. Now, she takes pride in creating a cheery environment that offers high-quality sweets and service. Sleek's late-night hours and all-day breakfast also makes it appealing for customers from all walks of life. It’s a convenient hangout for young teens looking for a place to study, couples on a date or working parents who just want a sweet escape.

“It’s a place where you feel safe and you feel happy,” Jisha says. “People know you by name.” 28610 Highway 290 Cypress, Texas 281-213-2108