A Tapestry of Community Support

The Spirit of Service is Alive & Well at Lakeside Lutheran Church

The congregation of Venice’s Lakeside Lutheran Church embraces the spirit of community service with open hearts and a commitment to missionary work. Two remarkable groups within the church, Stitch & Chatter and the Lutheran Women Missionary League (LWML), exemplify the church's dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others. 

These groups not only work collectively but also extend their reach far beyond the church walls, supporting various charitable organizations and embodying the church's mission to serve the world with love and compassion.

Stitch & Chatter is a group of talented and compassionate women who meet weekly for knitting, crocheting, and embroidery sessions. Beyond personal projects, the group channels its creative energies into crafting items for numerous charities and Lakeside Lutheran Preschool children.

One notable project involves crafting Christmas stockings for foster children. Recently, the group assembled 100 Christmas bags filled with stockings and goodies, spreading joy to children through the organization Twigs. This initiative reflects Stitch & Chatter's commitment to bringing warmth and happiness to those in need.

The Lutheran Women Missionary League (LWML) at Lakeside Lutheran Church empowers women in their relationship with God, encouraging them to utilize their gifts for the betterment of the world. Engaging in activities locally and globally, LWML provides Christmas gifts for babies at Harvest House, creates quilts for infants baptized in the parish, sends uplifting cards to home-bound and hospitalized members, and offers refreshments following funeral or memorial services. These actions exemplify LWML's dedication to supporting the congregation, community, and global missions.

Global Outreach: Seeds of Hope with LWML

The LWML collaborates with the missionary group Hope Seeds: a Christian charitable ministry that focuses on improving nutrition and sharing the love of Christ by providing quality garden seeds and agricultural education through Christian missionaries. The group recently completed 3700 seed packages for impoverished communities worldwide. 

Hope Seeds not only delivers seeds but also educates communities on planting and cultivating their own produce. This impactful initiative aligns with the LWML's broader mission of active mission ministries and global support.

Collective Impact: Charities Supported by Lakeside Lutheran Church

Stitch & Chatter and LWML join forces to support various local charitable organizations, including One More Child, Twigs, Agape Flights, SPARCC, Venice Area Pregnancy Center, Prodigal Daughters-Angel Giving Tree, and Matthew 25 Ministries. Through these collaborations, the church contributes to the well-being of diverse communities locally and globally.

Join the Cause: Welcoming All to Serve

Lakeside Lutheran Church warmly invites women to join Stitch & Chatter and LWML groups. Regardless of church membership, interested individuals are encouraged to call the church office to verify the meeting times and days of these groups at 941.493.510. By extending an invitation to all, the church aims to create a more inclusive and vibrant community dedicated to serving the Lord with gladness.

In summary, Lakeside Lutheran Church, through its Stitch & Chatter and LWML groups, demonstrates a commitment to missionary work and community service, weaving a tapestry of compassion, creativity, and support that extends beyond the church walls. Engaging in diverse projects and collaborations with charitable organizations, Lakeside Lutheran Church strives to make a positive impact on the world, one stitch and one act of kindness at a time. Learn even more at

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