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A taste of rustic Italy

PizzaVino NoCo Italiano

PizzaVino NoCo Italiano, an authentic slice of Italian fare, continues to excite our quaint corner of Northern Colorado. Inspired by their rooted traditions, three friends have made it their mission to bring us a little piece of Italy. These gentlemen share a love for family, friendship, and a connection to Italian cuisine. This combination set off a spark that is now the passion of PizzaVino. 

PizzaVino never ceases to amaze by combining traditional flavors, straight from rustic Italy. These dishes invoke your taste buds with memories, and make each dining experience feel as if you are right at home. 

Whether you intend on dining in for a full course meal with special wine pairings to delight your palate, or stop by for a warm dessert and night-cap, this hidden gem has the flavors your taste buds desire. Each dish is thoughtfully curated, freshly prepared, and traditionally inspired. 

Some of Italy’s most beloved dishes are simple and come before the main course. PizzaVino presents a gorgeous Herbed Burrata, bathed in a house basil pesto, apricot mostarda, pistachios, and finished with a drizzle of 12 year aged balsamic. Spread this delectable appetizer onto a slice of fresh baked bread for a multitude of flavors. This dish pairs well with the famous PV Italian Margarita.

The art of pasta is a beautiful thing. Made in-house daily, every colorful pasta dish will impress our true authentic Italian lovers. When twirling into this creamy Carbonara, it’s hard not to believe that you are dining on the cobblestone streets of Italy. This savory, traditional pasta dish pairs best with the Fatica Contadina Taurasi, a red wine from Southern Italy that presents a bold and vibrant experience. 

For PV, it’s truly all about the pizza. The love that is folded into the dough and baked into a crisp pizza pie. The Prosciutto & Arugula pizza is a must try! The combination of thinly sliced 18 month aged prosciutto di parma, mozzarella, and fresh arugula makes for a beautiful union of flavors. Try a refreshing glass of the PizzaVino Spritz and make sure to toast to great company and delicious pizza.

Nothing says love like dessert. Share the love by trying a few of these traditional delicacies. The house-made chocolate cannoli gives you a flavorful, rich experience, while the tiramisu’s flavors and textures blend to form a decadent dessert -- best finished with a cup of espresso. To us, it is the perfect end to a delicious meal.

PizzaVino NoCo Italiano continues to curate the most exquisite selection of food and wine. With the desire to create delicious cuisine, PizzaVino has created beautiful dishes full of memories. So bring your friends, gather around the dinner table, and make some memories through food and love with PizzaVino.