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Article by Roslyn Bond

Photography by Lesson Medrano

Originally published in Austin Lifestyle

After hearing her story, it’s clear to see that Gisele Rios is a one-of-a-kind human being. Her business specializes in styling, decorating and organizing homes. Recently, she began preparing and styling homes for those who rent out their space for Airbnb and plans to partner with Airbnb in order to reach a greater audience in need of this particular service. 

During Gisele’s childhood, there were many instances where she struggled to comprehend English because it was not her first language. She remembers watching what others were doing and feeling as if she had failed because she didn’t understand what was being instructed as swiftly as the other kids did.  

Her father immigrated from Mexico when he was 17 years old and started a new life as a train conductor in the steel industry. She remembers her father telling their family, “if he could order a hamburger in English, he would be OK.” Gisele says that she too knew she would be OK then as well. 

She was made fun of and remembers kids calling her and her family “dirty Mexicans.” At the time, Gisele did not understand the context of what this meant, but she does remember after that always wanting to make sure she was clean and tidy. She would constantly clean and rearrange her room and would change her walls, taking off the wallpaper herself and painting it. 

She received her first job when she was 14 and then at 17, her parents signed off stating she could join the U.S. Military. After six years in the National Guard and a tour of duty overseas, she continued to work for the government.

Gisele purchased a home of her own, and this is where her idea for helping others decorate and style their home began. She started a business that was first called “Country Glam Suite to Airbnb,” where she styled a room in her home and began promoting in through Airbnb.

She discovered that there was a need for this type of service of assisting others with decorating and styling their own spaces for Airbnb as well as those simply wanting to reinvent their own space in their home. This specialty has evolved her business into what it is today, The Style Maison. 

She says she never thought she would be able to accomplish what she has, but with each step she took and with the courage to never look back, she pressed on even when she was afraid of what the outcome may bring.

Gisele values aesthetics in all parts of her life and believes in value mostly because she had lost that part of herself growing up, she says. She likes to show that to others in themselves and in their space. 

Gisele has a gift of styling and decorating spaces into feeling like a sanctuary for all, and she wants to share that gift with you. 

She shared her curated gift guide with us for this holiday with the most unique and heartwarming gifts for someone who is near and dear to you. Enjoy, and happy shopping!


  1. Cat and Jack Boys’ Fox Sweater, $16.99,
  2. Cloud Island BPA- PVC- and phthalate-free bowls, $3.99,; Cloud Island Ergonomic Spoons, $3.99,
  3. Toddler Girl’s Cynthia American Girl Ballet Flats, $14.99,
  4. Round Pink Paper Accordion Ornaments, $5,; Agate Coaster, $14 each,
  5. Boys’ Cat and Jack Archer Boots, $26.99,
  6. Women’s Regular Fit V-Neck Metallic Cami, $19.99,
  7. Curwen Chelsea Boots, $160,; Women’s Leather Tech Touch Glove, A New Day, $29.99,
  8. Squee-zoo Balls Owl toy, $9.99,
  9. Harry’s Men’s Razor, $9.99,
  10. BookEnd Bicycle, $21.99,
  11. Rifle Co. Monogram Garden Mug, $14,
  12. Bon Voyage Luggage Tag $26,
  13. Slip Silk Anti-Aging, Anti-Sleep Crease Pillowcase, $85,
  14. Do Something Journal, $12.95,
  15. American Highway Collection Soy Candle, $10,
  16. Mini Fish Rub Set Potlatch, $29.95,
  17. Smeg Copper Tea Kettle, $199.95,
  18. Diane Gold Statement Earrings in Abalone Shell, $130,

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