A Tribute To The Lewicki Triplets

Dr. Frank And Lauren Lewicki's Kids Mark A Milestone: 10 Years Old

Article by Tony D'Souza

Photography by Stephanie Snow Photography/Photographed At Fox Lea Farm

Originally published in Venice City Lifestyle

Dr. Frank and Lauren Lewicki's triplets, Brooke, Jake and Luke, were separated by just minutes when they were born ten years ago. Brooke came first and weighed 3 lbs 8 ozs, Jake second at 4 lbs 2 ozs, and Luke last at 4 lbs 6 ozs. "Fortunately, they were the big kids in the NICU," Lauren says of the children's five-day stay in neonatal intensive care unit. The family lived in Boston back then, before they moved to our area when Frank joined the storied Davis & Beyer dental practice.

"It was like having a family in a single day," Lauren, a teacher, says and laughs. "What has been the most surprising is that people assume they are similar, but they are totally different. They are each so unique as individuals."

"Raising them was like playing the zone defense," says Frank, who was still in dental school when they were born. "It's a lot of teamwork and you have to stay on a schedule in order to get everything done."

"We learned to take any help we were offered, to be patient, and to go with the flow," Lauren says. "It's been a wonderful journey."

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