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When it Comes to Buying and Selling, it Never Hurts to do it with Style

Article by Michelle W. Parnell

Photography by Kimmy Ray-Barton

Originally published in Evans City Lifestyle

“To sell or buy a house, you have to put an awful lot of trust in your realtor,” says Nancy Powell, REALTOR-Broker and CEO of Powell & Associates, Inc. “If they are a buyer, they are trusting me to help them make one of the largest purchases of their lifetime.  With selling, they are trusting me with the big purchase they have made to make sure it gets sold. I take the responsibility that has been given to me by my buyers and sellers very seriously and work extremely hard to live up to their expectations.”

Built upon a legacy 30 years strong, Nancy’s philosophy mirrors what she learned from her mother, Marcene Powell, who founded Powell & Associate in 1992. 

“It all starts with my mother,” says Nancy. “To find a role model, I didn’t have to look far. She formed the first real estate brokerage in Lincolnton. Actually, I have two very successful parents, and it is truly because of them that I am where I am today. Their guidance both personally and professionally contributed a great deal to my work ethic, my character, and the importance of treating others with great integrity.”

At the age of 18, Nancy procured her real estate license and officially joined Powell & Associates. Ten years later, she added her broker’s license and became an associate broker. While in Lincolnton, Nancy was involved on a local, regional, and state level as the President of Chamber of Commerce, member of the Historic Preservation Board, President of the Classic South Board of Realtors, and State Director with Georgia Association of Realtors.

In 2011, Nancy returned to college at Augusta University and earned degrees in history and political science, which she finds helpful in the real estate industry. 

“My focus with my political science degree was international relations,” says Nancy. “Having that background has really helped me serve my clients who come from other countries and cultures - being able to appreciate that and taking it into consideration has been beneficial.”

“After I finished college, I didn’t go straight back into real estate,” explains Nancy. “I worked for seven years in politics, mainly in local and regional campaigns. My campaigning years taught me about marketing and exposure.”

Five years ago, Nancy followed her passion and reentered the real estate industry. After a few years of working with other agencies and getting reacclimated to the market, Nancy approached her mom about taking over the family business and bringing it to the Evans/Augusta area.

Marcene encouragingly responded, “Nancy, I’ve been thinking about this for the past month, and I’d be honored and thrilled if you would take over the business and grow it.”

Although Powell & Associates is currently in the process of rebranding, Nancy stresses that “while it may be revamped and rebranded, it’s still stands on its foundation of great service and having the highest integrity.”

“I am big on personalization and customizing every experience I have with each client that I serve. There are processes I follow, but they aren’t cookie-cutter for everyone,” explains Nancy. “Different people are selling or buying for different reasons, so I have to be sensitive to that and adjust how I handle everything based on the specific circumstance.”

As an active citizen of the CSRA, Nancy works in several areas to help build the community. Currently, Nancy is an ambassador on the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce, board member of Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce Women’s Board, and Vice President for Augusta University Alumni Summerville Society.

Evans Lifestyle had the privilege of exploring a beautiful, custom-built, luxury home in Evans with Nancy, getting her inside perspective on the home’s elegant features. 

“It's the coziest 11,000 square foot home you will ever find,” says Nancy. “It’s very inviting and welcoming. Everything was done with spending quality time with family and friends in mind.”

Entering the dining room, Nancy says, “Even though the dining room is exceptionally large, with a special-made table to seat 20, it still feels warm and homey and like family. It’s not pretentious. You can envision the family sitting around the table for Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Nancy’s eyes light up as she steps into the office. “This office is a treasure trove of history,” she says. “I could stay in here for hours just looking at everything. This would be a pleasure to work in!”

The large wine cellar and tasting room, paired with the expansive outdoor living, kitchen, and pool area, provide abundant space for entertaining and relaxing. But at the end of the day, the intimate kitchen and family room serve as the heart of the home. “It’s a place where the family can gather and enjoy one another.” 

“The home is impeccable, with outstanding design elements found in every nook and cranny,” says Nancy. “It’s welcoming and cozy, and you don’t realize you’re in such a large house, which I think is genius.” When it comes to your perfect home, it all depends on what you're looking for, and Nancy knows how to find it.

For more information on Powell and Associates, Inc., a full service Real Estate Brokerage that serves the Georgia & South Carolina areas of the CSRA, visit or contact Nancy Powell at (706) 717-1281.

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