A Twist on a Florida Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a cherished American holiday, steeped in tradition and family gatherings. While the classic Thanksgiving dinner with its turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce is an enduring favorite, why not consider a different approach this year? 

With Florida's warm climate and diverse culture, you have the perfect ingredients for a Thanksgiving brunch that will be as unique as it is unforgettable. How do we stick with Thanksgiving tradition but also captures the essence of the Sunshine State? Here are a few of our favorite Sunshine State tips"

Embracing the Florida Outdoors:
One of the greatest advantages of celebrating Thanksgiving in Florida is the fantastic weather. Instead of being cooped up indoors, why not take full advantage of the mild temperatures and abundant sunshine by hosting your brunch outdoors? Whether you have a spacious patio, a deck, or a sprawling backyard, setting up tables and decorations outside can create a festive atmosphere that your guests will adore.

Tropical Flavors and Fresh Florida Citrus:
What would a Florida Thanksgiving brunch be without a tribute to the state's vibrant citrus heritage? Begin brunch by offering a selection of freshly squeezed citrus juices. Consider grapefruit mimosas or a zesty citrus salad to awaken the palate. The bright and tangy flavors of Florida citrus will add a refreshing twist to your traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Seafood Extravaganza:
Florida's extensive coastline means that it boasts an abundance of fresh seafood. Why not surprise your guests with a seafood bar featuring Gulf shrimp, stone crab claws, and oysters on the half shell? If you'd like something warm and comforting, consider dishes like seafood gumbo or a seafood frittata with the best of the local catch.

Infusing Tropical Flair:
Florida's culture is heavily influenced by the Caribbean and Latin America, and you can bring this cultural richness to your brunch. Imagine serving jerk chicken, Cuban sandwiches, or a tantalizing pineapple and mango salsa. On the side, offer classic Floridian staples like plantains, black beans, and rice. These exotic flavors will transport your guests to the heart of Florida's diverse culinary landscape.

Exploring Local Farmers' Markets:
Florida's fall season is teeming with vibrant farmers' markets, where you can find an array of fresh, seasonal produce. These markets are a treasure trove of ingredients that can elevate your brunch to a whole new level. From heirloom tomatoes to exotic fruits, sourcing locally will not only enhance the taste but also support local farmers.

Dessert with a Twist:
Reimagine traditional Thanksgiving desserts by adding a tropical spin. Key lime pie, coconut flan, and guava pastries are sure to be crowd-pleasers with a Floridian twist. Don't forget to offer a citrus-infused sorbet as a refreshing palate cleanser after the meal.

Crafting Florida-Inspired Cocktails:
Create signature cocktails inspired by Florida's diverse culture. Mojitos, rum punch, and margaritas are all excellent choices, using fresh local ingredients when possible. For non-drinkers or those seeking a lighter option, concoct some flavorful mocktails that feature herbs and fruits commonly found in Florida.

Live Music and Entertainment:
Elevate the atmosphere with live music featuring local musicians. Whether it's a steel drum band playing Caribbean tunes or a jazz trio setting the mood, music adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your brunch.

Family-Friendly Activities:
Keep the whole family engaged and entertained with outdoor games like cornhole, frisbee, or a friendly game of touch football. You can also set up a crafting station for kids to create their Thanksgiving-themed art projects.

A Gratitude Ritual:
Incorporate a moment of reflection and gratitude into your Florida Thanksgiving brunch. Ask each guest to share something they are thankful for. Alternatively, provide small cards for guests to write down their expressions of gratitude and collect them in a communal basket to read aloud later.

Local Restaurant Highlights:
For those who prefer to dine out, consider some local restaurants that offer unique Thanksgiving brunch experiences. For instance, Good Liquid Brewing is offering a Thanksgiving special with rotisserie turkey breast and sage stuffing for just $23 per person. Make sure to check their availability and make reservations in advance. Additionally, Grove offers a traditional Thanksgiving meal with online reservations required, allowing you to enjoy a delicious feast prepared by skilled chefs while relishing the holiday ambiance.

By embracing these ideas and perhaps incorporating some of Florida's excellent local restaurants like Good Liquid Brewing and Grove, you can create a Florida Thanksgiving brunch that not only breaks away from tradition but also provides a unique and unforgettable experience. With the sun above, the fresh flavors on your table, and the vibrant culture of Florida all around you, your Thanksgiving brunch will be a celebration of the Sunshine State and a cherished memory for years to come.

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