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A Very Special Place to Call Home

The Echelon of Medina Offers Nothing but the Best for Its Members and Their Families

Article by Warren Watkins

Photography by Warren Watkins and The Echelon

Originally published in Medina County Lifestyle

Jill and Jeff Risner, owners of The Echelon of Medina, an independent and assisted living/memory care complex, have so much to be thankful for this year, as their facility approaches its first full year in the business. At the top of their list is The Echelon's amazing location, situated just four blocks from the center of town, as well as the facility's passionate and skilled employees who dedicate themselves to giving the best possible care to their members. 

Debbie Garrett, director of Marketing at The Echelon of Medina, has worked hand in hand with both the Risners and the city of Medina to bring something special to local retirement-age residents.   

"The city of Medina has worked with us very nicely,” she says. “The mayor and his economic development team are really strong. That is a group that is aggressively looking for new business to bring into Medina, and they make it easy to work with. We are very thankful for the city of Medina, who has welcomed us with open arms. They are creative, they are open, they are responsive and they have made it a very nice transition for us to bring our brand and concept to Medina."

The Echelon features a 90-unit independent living building with one- and two-bedroom apartments, as well as a 98-unit assisted living/memory care building, also with one- and two-bedroom units. Both are beautifully decorated and feature several amenities, including a movie theater, hair salon and spa, arts and cooking areas, a deli and an indoor pool. The outside grounds and inner courtyards are well manicured and thoughtfully furnished. Inside and out, The Echelon of Medina is a beautiful place to call home.   

As much as I enjoyed touring the facilities and talking with Debbie about how special this new complex is, I particularly enjoyed a chance meeting I had with a woman who just so happened to be entering the building as Debbie and I were wrapping things up. 

The woman was initially delighted to see Debbie as she walked through the front doors to visit her parents, both of whom live at The Echelon. When Debbie introduced us to one another and informed her that I was with Medina County Lifestyle magazine to write an article about The Echelon, the woman's face lit up and she immediately said to me, "I call this my happy place," and then proceeded to tell me a little bit about her relationship with The Echelon of Medina.

"I knew when I met the team here and told them about my parents, who lived in Wisconsin at the time, that they could handle this,” she said. “The whole time I felt, this is the right place for my parents; this is going to work. And when it was time to make the big move, [the owners] said they wanted to fly to Wisconsin with me and help me bring my mom and dad back! I mean, who does that? They have been more than incredible to work with, and I'm so thankful that my parents are here now.”

With a story like this, I can tell you that the Risners and The Echelon of Medina will be helping many more thankful and appreciative families for years to come.  

Please call 330.591.2777 or visit if you have further questions or would like to schedule a tour.