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A Vision of Connection

Get a Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Cherry Creek West Development

Article by Lisa Van Horne

Photography by Courtesy East West Partners

Originally published in Cherry Creek Lifestyle

For Amy Cara, managing partner at East West Partners in Denver, there is a bit of a disconnect between the Cherry Creek neighborhood and its namesake waterway. However, while this tangible link may be lacking today, she notes that there is a vision underway to forge this connection in the near future.

“We have a great opportunity to connect Cherry Creek back to the community and the community back to Cherry Creek,” Amy says. “This is the fundamental idea behind the creation of Cherry Creek West.”

The development of the 13 acres of parking lot and single-story retail buildings to the southwest of the Cherry Creek Shopping Center is an idea that’s long been considered. Today, as the result of a collaborative process between East West Partners, the Buell Foundation and Taubman, concrete steps forward are being taken to transform the site into a future nucleus of living, working, playing and relaxation.

“Cherry Creek is already a fantastic neighborhood,” says Amy. “We want to expand on the great elements that already exist in Cherry Creek while also enhancing the area and offering something new.”

Amy notes that a core goal of Cherry Creek West is to help Cherry Creek become a 15-minute city, one in which people can do all of the things that they need and want to within just a short 15-minute walk or bike ride. The development will achieve this not only by better connecting the neighborhood to the creek, trail system and larger Denver area, but also through the combination of uses that will actually make up the community.

Cherry Creek West is slated to facilitate a diversity of uses to make it an energetic hub for residents, professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, shoppers, travelers and guests. The community is set to include multi-story residential dwellings, retail shops, restaurants, public outdoor areas and community gathering spaces for both events and everyday leisure. Another key component is its planned office buildings and workspaces with larger footprints, which Amy notes will help contribute to more diversity in the types and sizes of businesses in the area.

Across the scope of the development, Amy notes that sustainability will also play a crucial role.

“Sustainability is a core value of East West Partners and of the Cherry Creek neighborhood,” says Amy. “We are looking at this development with a thoughtful, long-term lens. We have the opportunity to make strategic choices that showcase Cherry Creek West’s commitment to being better to the planet.”

Along with the buildings themselves, this eco-focus will also play out through the collection and cleaning of storm water, reducing heat island effects and an overall focus on the integration of the outdoors. This is all set to contribute to an inimitably welcoming space for residents and visitors, whether it’s their home base for their day-to-day, a destination for shopping or entertainment or a gateway to the neighboring community.

“This idea of connection is so meaningful to this project,” says Amy. “And I really believe that it’s going to come to life in Cherry Creek West.”

Planning for the development of Cherry Creek West remains underway. You can learn more and tune into updates at