A Warm Cappucino and Fresh Air

Story Coffee Embraces Minimalism

And all of a sudden, a tiny home-inspired coffee shop popped up in the heart of our downtown, and we’ve never looked back. Don and Carissa Niemyer of the Pacific Northwest area came to town, hands full of vision, heart, experience and they carefully poured it all into our city's sweetest tiny coffee shop. Becoming a part of the boutique coffee movement in Colorado Springs during 2015 was something irresistible to them, and a gift to the charm of downtown.

With the many nooks and crannies for storage that are unseen to their customers, systems designed around a tight space called for a little ingenuity, making it feel special to the Story team. Their sentiment toward minimalism is about a way of life that weaves the beauty of simplicity into everything they do.

Story Coffee was planted in one of the most bustling parks of downtown Colorado Springs, immediately weaving in all types of our city’s people to their experience. Not only do they want to teach people how to love the beverage of coffee, but to become the community that is cultivated in the midst of enjoying their provisions. Their ethos of reducing the noise of life and detouring from disengagement in society is shown by the quaint quarters of their shop. The proximity to others prompts us to remember how to engage and check in on the humanity of our neighbors in a natural way.

Each Friday, Story Coffee gives away free cappuccinos with any $3 purchase. Why? Their flagship drink is best for training people to love coffee with its espresso-forward flavor and smaller portion of milk. And if you’re unsure if you’ll like it in contrast to your usual caffeine, order the one that feels safe and enjoy their favorite, on them!

You can enjoy their ever-popular walk-up window for the comforts distance, convenience of a quick stop, or you are warmly welcomed inside for an opportunity of connectivity, and a fresh breath of simplicity.

Keep your eyes peeled for their favorite magic trick—just popping up and slaying the coffee scene in their very special way. No firm details to provide except that it’s as though we go to sleep one night with the coffee shops we know and we wake up the next with a new cute piece of Story included in our days.

Website: https://www.storycoffeecompany.com/
Facebook + Instagram: @storycoffeecompany

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