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Meet Brande Dils, the new publisher of Winter Park City Lifestyle

Sweet Leaps. Brande's philosophy in life is as sweet as it gets – "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first." She recently took a delightful leap of faith, becoming the publisher of Winter Park City Lifestyle magazine.

The 'Boujee Beast' Owner. Spot a Jeep Wrangler around town? That's Brande in her beloved "Boujee Beast." Don't hesitate to wave or say hi!

Mother to 'Tres Amigos'. Brande is a proud dog mom to Bo, Miles, and Duke – a trio affectionately referred to as the "Tres Amigos" by her husband. Miles even has quite the following on Facebook and TikTok!

Cupcake Connoisseur. Brande has a knack for baking, with her specialty being cupcakes. But not just any cupcakes – her unique twist involves a splash of liquor infusion. Delightfully boozy and irresistible, they're as adventurous as she is!

Michigan Roots. She grew up in Bay City, Michigan, fostering a down-to-earth sensibility that's endeared her to many.

Globe-Trotter. Brande has globetrotted her way through 20 different countries, soaking in diverse cultures and experiences. 

Pigeon Taster. Ever wondered what pigeon tastes like? Ask Brande! Spoiler alert... It's like turkey, but with a twist of daring novelty.

Thrill Seeker? Not Quite! Despite her adventures, Brande isn't your typical thrill-seeker. The closest she'll get to a rollercoaster is a kiddie ride, and she definitely won't be jumping out of a plane.

Business Strategist. She joined Winter Park City Lifestyle to utilize her branding, swag and marketing expertise to help local businesses grow.

Late Bloomer in Love. She found the love of her life at the age of 45 and changed her last name for the first time – proving that exciting chapters can start at any age!