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Urban Kitchens Shares Hottest New Kitchen Trends in 2022

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The kitchen has always been a central gathering location in our homes. After the past two years of spending more and more time at home, the kitchen is even more the heart of a home. To help you give this family space a much-deserved makeover, we asked Jo Meacham at Urban Kitchen Designs about the kitchen design trends she is seeing for 2022. A

While trends indicate what's hot right now, it's important to decorate your kitchen with your own personal needs and tastes, but Jo's tips offer glimpses on how refresh your space. From warmer wood cabinets to cozy accessories, the newest kitchen trends can give your culinary space a bright, warm new life.

1. Black and Gray Fade Away - "I say that black and gray are pretty well over. Everybody's going to a much warmer personable look," said Jo. "With cabinets, I am not gonna say it's all over with white cabinets, but people are using more wood. They're wanting a more warmer look. They're going with a combination of Boho with plants in the kitchen. Plants are going to be very big."

Even countertops are shying away from grays and blacks. Warmer stone colors and wood are bringing coziness back to the kitchen tops

"We're still in in engineered quartz, but people aren't wanting a  big veiny gray and black marble-looking look that is too formal. People are looking for countertops that have a warm tone to it," Jo said. 

According to the 2022 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, an overwhelming majority of homeowners (91%) replace their countertops in a kitchen remodel, a 3-point increase in 2022 compared with 2021. And 35% of homeowners say they decided to spend more on new countertops than they had originally planned.

Engineered quartz remains the leading material with granite as the second-most-popular choice, Quartzite rose slightly with other countertop materials following with laminate, solid surface and concrete.

For cabinets, the use of custom cabinetmakers continue to rise in popularity. Nearly a third of homeowners (31%) in the Houzz study hired a cabinet pro. The hiring of kitchen designers, interior designers and decorators, and kitchen remodelers like Urban Kitchens is up year over year as well.

2. Pops of Color - Color and accent pieces will be huge going into the later part of 2022. All-white is too severe this year, so neutral tones paired with strong colors, like deep greens, rich reds and blues, will become popular for most.

"Maybe you paint your island a bold color. Say it was white, but you can repaint it with dark blue or something green," said Jo.

Splashes of color still appear, with 20% of renovating homeowners choosing a multicolored backsplash and 6% choosing blue. Kitchen island cabinet colors of blue, black and green bring visual interest if contrasted with white cabinets.

3. Going Green - Green is a hot color for kitchens, Jo said. Whether you decide to add green in the form of plants or add a light sage tint to the walls, adding various shades of green will instantly bring the outdoors feel inside. Accent pieces like green fruit bowls or green shades are different ways to add this popular color into a modern kitchen.

"Just having some plants helps bring the outside in. Put a few plants out, even if it's just a little pot of succulents on your countertop or ivy hanging from the wall," said Jo. "Those plants make it a little more personal, a little more relaxed."

4. Little Touches for Big Personality - The farmhouse look may be fading out, but that shouldn't stop you from adding antiques, wooden accents or hand-me-down treasures to your kitchen. The culinary space is becoming much more personal, so anything that adds a home-like feel or a sentimental touch will make your kitchen shine.

"A new trend is 'Grand Millennial,' which is bringing in some antiques. Maybe you've inherited some stuff from your grandmother, and you want to fit it into your gray and white house," said Jo. "The rustic, old world look was in, and before that, everything was light and clean. Now we are looking at our kitchens through the pandemic, and people want something friendlier. They want to be able to use it and they want it to be comforting and welcoming."

Jo said displaying antiques, pictures, wooden accent pieces and homier items are good ways to add a little friendly personality to a monotone space.

 "If you have open shelves,  I would go to color or  maybe put a plant up there. Take your open shelf and maybe put part of your cookbook collection there or a big red bowl or things like that," Jo said.

"Maybe choose rugs that are boho or oriental and not black. Maybe you paint the room or add wooden floors. It's all about feeling comfortable and cozy in your own home this year."

For more information or for help with redesigning your home, visit Jo at Urban Kitchens at urbankitchensok.com, visit at 4410 N Western Ave or call 405-702-7747.

Great design is the best way to save money. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, bath or other room in your home and are looking for ideas, make an appointment at Urban Kitchens to discuss your project. Urban Kitchens has been creating beautiful spaces for 21 years.

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