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A Weekend in Sun Valley

The perfect getaway in under three hours outside of Boise

Article by Chelsea Chambers

Photography by Chelsea Chambers + Provided

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

The stress started to melt away as soon as we rounded the corner onto Highway 20. The motion of the cities and freeway behind us quickly faded into the distance as we crept closer toward the mountains. The sun hung low in the late-afternoon sky. Fluffy white clouds moved lazily in the distance.

Our destination: The Knob Hill Inn, where we would begin our journey touring around part of the Wood River Valley—Ketchum and Sun Valley. Living under the grandeur of the Sawtooths and Bald Mountain, this area is home to beauty, adventure, and really, really great food.

We arrived at the Knob Hill Inn just under three hours after leaving Boise and were immediately greeted by a handful of smiling faces. After a quick check-in, we ran up to our room and gawked at the skyline view from our third-floor balcony. Flowers bloomed from all directions, coating the air in floral sweetness.

Downstairs we sat on the outdoor dining patio, which can comfortably seat 100 people on their busiest days. Lucky for us, it was a quiet Friday evening. Bob Dunn, who owns the adjoining hotel restaurant, the Grill at Knob, spoke happily about his time in the dining industry, “We serve customers from all over the world. So many great people come back year after year. It’s really a great experience.”

Bob prides himself in sourcing only the finest ingredients for the Grill at Knob’s menu. “I’d rather pay more up front to continually provide our customers with that ‘wow’ experience every time,” he explained.  

And ‘wow’ experience indeed. The ribeye, slathered in fresh-harvested morel sauce, melted in our mouths and paired perfectly with the roasted asparagus and fingerling potatoes. It was immediately apparent that there was passion behind every meal served here.

The next morning, we were surprised to find endless mimosas and made-to-order eggs offered at the Knob’s complementary breakfast. We sipped coffee and snacked on fresh fruit parfaits, drizzled with honey and chia seeds. After a hearty breakfast, we spent the rest of the brisk morning switching between the hot tub and the hot-rock sauna. Our weekend getaway was off to a perfect start.

After our relaxing soak, we were greeted by hotel general manager, Ally Barnhardt who gave us a tour of the facility. Originally built in 1992, the architecture was inspired by the Alps and has an inviting, Swiss feel to it with dark wood and warm lighting. Ally repeatedly placed her hand to her heart as she spoke about their incredible staff and her time working at the Inn.

“We’re all about finding the human aspect of the experience—both for our guests and our staff members. Every day we share a family meal (for over 60 employees) and we’ve created more staff housing to help fight the rising costs of living,” Ally shared, her eyes welling with love.

We decided it was time to explore more of the Wood River Valley and set out on for a gentle hike near the hotel, where wildflowers abundantly lined the hillside. Ally gave us a list of nearby trails, sorted by difficulty levels. While we were tempted by the promising views boasted by the Proctor Mountain Trail and the Fox Creek Loop, our hunger took precedence and we set off back toward town.

Throughout the weekend, we dined at more than five restaurants—including Enoteca, an upscale wine bar with mouth-watering entrees and an impressive wine list, and Barrio75, a delicious taco lounge and tequila bar. But of course, on our way out of down, we stopped at Grumpy’s for their famed burger and coleslaw, which did not disappoint.

As the Inn was only a short walk from the town’s bustling night life, we decided to stop by a few more places for drinks, a favorite being Sun Valley’s TNT Taproom. Located in a historic dynamite shed, the craft beer/wine bar had an impressive selection and friendly service, where we chatted about the Wood River Valley’s growing music scene. Venues like the Duchin (inside the Sun Valley Lodge), the Ram, and the Limelight Lounge have events nearly all year round.

While we didn’t have time to try as many spots as we would have liked, several others came highly recommended including The Kneadery, Rominna’s, the Pioneer Saloon, and the Cellar Pub. It’s safe to say there is a delicious dining experience around every corner, catering to all kinds of cravings.

After a night of dancing at Whiskey Jacques and another delicious complimentary breakfast, we wanted to check out Sturtevants of Sun Valley, a fantastic local spot for bike rentals. With discounts for Knob Hill guests, Sturtevants has everything you need to bike, hike, and explore Sun Valley. A ride is one of the best ways to experience all the natural beauty that the Wood River Valley offers.

Other excursions we did not get to try included the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, guided horse tours, kayak tours, and all the many more miles of stunning trails that criss-cross through and around the entire Valley. There were so many activities to try and fit into one weekend, we look forward to returning soon to continue our adventures.

We said goodbye to our hospitable hosts and stuffed our luggage in the car, smiling from ear-to-ear at one another. After our perfect weekend getaway, we drove home with a renewed sense of vigor and motivation, ready, once again, to tackle Monday and our to-do lists. Don't forget to bring your four-legged friend(s) along on your next getaway at They will provide everything you need for a safe and fun adventure with your pet while staying as their guests.

  • Trailing of the Sheep Festival

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