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Enhancing Work-Life Balance Close to Home

When Navona Hart of Century 21 Realty @ Home and her husband started looking for a vacation property, they wanted it to feel like a rustic getaway while staying close to home. Her all-American hunting lodge-styled cabin in Rice, VA is nestled among the trees and overlooks the water. It gives that perfect vibe of having gotten away from it all, and yet is the next driveway down from their primary home. “I love how protected from the rest of the world it feels,” says Navona. “It’s my happy place.” Now, she loves using her cabin as a space to connect with her team.

Navona recently hosted a team BBQ at her cabin with a family style meal catered by MISSION BBQ. Her team added to the spread with their own Southern style appetizers, sides, and a picture perfect, made from scratch apple pie! Navona knows that team building comes naturally when set in a relaxed environment with great food. “I was raised by parents who shared food with family and friends as a way of building relationships,” reflects Navona.

The three core pillars upon which Century 21 Realty @ Home is built are clients, community, and care. “My agents and staff are my clients,” explains Navona. “Our goal is to create a family environment where they will help each other, love each other, and want to be part of each other’s lives... Feeling like you belong is so important.” She knows that more meaningful relationships amongst the team result in better relationships with their clients. These team events are always open to the whole family. Navona says, “having our families love where we work is also super important.” After the party the youngest child of Melissa Southall, who runs their Compliance and Bookkeeping, told her she loved the cabin. “For me, this means the night was a success,” smiles Navona.

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