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Constructing the heart of a hometown

Our world has shifted to the mindset that bigger is better. But some of us don’t want the robust and the rich. If you’re anything like Lloyd Huepenbecker, you’re completely content with simple small-town living. And if you warmly welcome local talent, you just stumbled upon a craftsman skilled at making your house a home.

I recently sat down with Lloyd Huepenbecker, owner and operator of Huepenbecker Construction Inc., a local business that he started back in 1979. Waconia is what Lloyd has known his entire life. He grew up on a farm, graduated from school, and never left. At age 19, he knew it was where he wanted to raise a family and start a business. After spending time with a welding company, he realized he didn’t want to be stuck inside a [radiator] shop every day of his life. His heart belonged to the outdoors, performing manual labor that serviced others.

Why construction?

The construction industry was familiar to Lloyd and building was in his blood. His father was a carpenter foreman with a commercial construction company and at the age of 16, he worked for a roofing company. Working with his hands, being outside, and helping others in his community, are all things Lloyd grew up knowing and it’s exactly what he wanted to continue to do. 

The bread and butter of his business

After decades of mastering both residential and commercial work, his business has pared down with a focus primarily on storm work and exterior repair for residential properties. Over the last ten years, the area has seen some significant storms and unfavorable natural disasters, so his efforts and his business model have aimed to accommodate those needs. After many years of servicing his clients year-round, Lloyd decided to scale back and now takes a few months off each year. Like countless other Minnesotans, he goes into hibernation for the winter, and his business blossoms back up in the spring.

From the ground up

If you’re a small business owner, you know the best compliment is a referral. Spreading your well-loved experience through word of mouth is what helps small business owners continue to grow. You won't see Lloyd's face plastered on a billboard, or on the side of a truck, but you will hear his name and praises about his craftsmanship.

Huepenbecker Construction doesn’t utilize door-to-door sales as a means to drum up customers, rather his business is based largely on repeat customers with almost 90% of it coming from referrals and word of mouth. They typically service the older population and believe it’s because of name recognition. Residents know the name and the quality associated with their service. A true testament to the power of a positive experience.

Quality over quantity

Ask Lloyd what sets Huepenbecker Construction apart, and hands down he’s going to offer up his guarantee for top-quality work by professional contractors. He only hires individuals who reflect the kind of work he’d want for himself, and the kind of work he once did by himself. As a small business owner, he knows you have greater control over the quality and the hands-on ability to make sure no critical element is omitted. 

Since the start, Lloyd has made sure that the people who are linked to his company meet his high expectations for a job well done. His reputation has been built on the promise to deliver first-class service that is thorough and complete.

The next generation

For the young person who is looking to become an entrepreneur or establish a business, and develop a brand, Lloyd has one firm piece of advice, “Perform quality work and take care of people. Referrals are your best tool for growing a business. Once you’ve completed a job, if the person isn’t willing to give your name to every friend, relative, and neighbor, then you’ve failed.”

The population of Waconia has increased exponentially since 1979. However, one thing remains unchanged, Lloyd Huepenbecker’s commitment to quality workmanship and a promise that even a storm can’t break.


  •  Lloyd and his apprentice son build together

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