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A Wise Use of Time

Architects of Time

Samuel L. Jackson. Jackie Chan. Sylvester Stalone - and even Oprah Winfrey. Along with being some of America’s most treasured Hollywood figures, these icons have one accessory in common: a Ritmo Mundo watch from Beverly Hill’s most notorious timekeeper, Ali Soltani. 

Since its founding in Italy in 2002, the state-of-the-art watch brand has taken Hollywood by storm with its varied collections of sleek, in-your-face, and high fashion luxury timepieces. Ali has a clear goal: “Creating classic designs utilizing quality components, that are also value-driven and rich with color and personality.” Just take a look at his Gran & Piccola Data Collection, or the Centurion and Chaos line - you’re sure to see what he means.

Perhaps what’s most notable about Soltani’s success is the time period during which he built the brand. In an era absent of social media and easy promotion, Soltani was forced to build Ritmo Mundo off of global business travel, brick and mortar sales, and old school print adverts. Two years after launching, Ritmo would find traction - and just last year, they celebrated their 20th year in high-end business. 

There’s a reason why Soltani’s watches have been featured in major hits like the Fast & Furious series, The Bachelor, and on the wrists of major figures in the soccer, golf, and tennis worlds: they’re undeniably unique. Their Puzzle watch, for example, “hides time” behind a beautiful chess-esque cover, which can be stylishly slid aside to reveal the time; and their Persepolis piece, a Ritmo Mundo favorite, has been donned by stars such as Mario Lopez and Ludacris in Fast & Furious for its unique swiveling face and beautiful diamond cresting. 

After years of exclusively serving the most influential figures in Hollywood and international sports, Ritmo Mundo is expanding their collections to the Denver community. Whether you want Jay Leno’s Gran & Piccolo or Samuel L. Jackson’s Racer piece, they’re all available on the Ritmo Mundo website. Step up your style this new year and invest in Italy-approved quality by visiting or calling (310) 246-3959.

  • Ali Soltani-Founder