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I Scream for Snow Cream from Bingbox


Article by Alexandra Hicks

Photography by Alexandra Hicks

There’s no thing like snow cream at Leawood’s Bingbox! This Korean dessert shop in Hawthorne Plaza is serving up shaved ice cream called ‘snow cream,’ bubble and fruit teas, milkshakes, and soft serves. Popular menu items include the Mango Snow Cream and Honey Lime Fruit Tea. 

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The snow cream bing box is their signature dish, a take on bingsu (Korean for shaved ice). The base typically consists of mango, chocolate, or matcha. Each dish is made-to-order. You can watch as they blend up a mix of real fruit and quality ingredients and run them through the instant-freeze machine. It is then shaved into fine, fluffy snowflakes. The result is a light, melt-in-your mouth, refreshing treat somewhere between ice cream and shaved ice. You can then select toppings or pick one of their signature combinations. Toppings include fresh fruits, wafer cookies, mochi bites, condensed milk, and fruity cereals.

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Soft serve flavors include swirls of vanilla and chocolate, taro and Thai tea, and matcha and milk tea. Milkshake flavors are chocolatey, creamy, and sweet. The salted caramel crunch was highly recommended — it includes a mix of vanilla, salted caramel, and waffle cookies. 

Other classic menu items include classic tea blends, fruit teas, and milk teas. The two best sellers are honey lime (which tastes like a subtly sweet tea-limeade) and the brown sugar milk tea. 

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Bingbox is a great place for those looking to mix up their typical dessert routine. It’s a perfect spot for families, dates, or meeting with the friends. The space is open and welcoming, with cute little messages reminding you to enjoy the sweet things in life! They also have a fun mural (featuring a KC skyline!) that's perfect for all the photo ops!

Be sure to check out Bingbox in Leawood’s Hawthorne Plaza at 4937 W 119th St, Leawood, KS 66209 or visit their Instagram @BingboxKCOP and #BingBacktheSmile!

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