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4 DIY Skin Care Products to Try 


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

We all know winter is hard on our skin. Sometimes I feel like no matter how much I exfoliate and moisturize, I can't keep up. And not all skin care products are actually helpful. Many brands have extra chemicals and ingredients that do more harm than good.

Luckily, there are lots of fun DIY skin care projects out there that are made from all-natural ingredients that our skin craves! And it's so much cheaper to make your own high-quality masks and scrubs than it is to buy the marked-up "clean" skin care products from department stores.

Are you convinced yet? Let's start mixing and scrubbing!

1. DIY Whipped Lavender Body Butter

"The dry winter air can leave your skin feeling dehydrated. In a few minutes you can mix up your own luxurious and great smelling body butter, which promises to leave your skin feeling buttery soft."
—Audrey Kuether

2. DIY Rose and Orange Body Scrub

"It’s important to exfoliate your skin so new skin can surface and your skin is soft!"
—Rachel Hamphill

3. Cranberry Yogurt Brightening Mask

"Cranberries are naturally brightening and anti-inflammatory plus they smell amazing!"
—Staci Hauk

4. Lavender Honey Lemon Soap

"Not only do handmade soaps get super-fatted oils to add moisture, they can also include some amazing exfoliants, additives and scents. A few of my favorites are honey, aloe juice, goat’s milk, activated charcoal and clays."
—Angi Hockett
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