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Guide to Landscaping in Washington DC


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Most homeowners take pride in the aesthetic appeal of their home; however, many tend to focus on the interior of their home, while only doing the basics on the exterior, such as keeping the grass mowed.

The truth is that the exterior of your home is the first thing visitors and those passing by notice, so investing in residential landscaping in DC may be one of the most rewarding investments you can make as a homeowner. 

One of the most common reasons many homeowners claim they avoid landscaping is because they don’t know where to begin when it comes to following through with the picture they have in their mind of what they want their yard to look like. 

The good news is whether you simply want to add color with a flower garden, or your lawn needs a full makeover, there are professionals, such as Roots Landscaping that can help you have the lawn of your dreams. 

This mini guide will help you to have a better understanding of the different types of landscaping specialties.

Landscaping Companies in DC: Finding the Right Business for Your Money

Although there are different types of landscaping companies in DC, the majority of them provide a vast array of residential landscaping services that range from basic lawn services, such as choosing the perfect plants from a local nursery to installing paved walkways or a retaining wall.

It’s beneficial to have a basic idea of the type of landscaping services you are interested in before you begin scheduling estimates. 

The reason why this is important is so the landscaping companies that you are talking with will have a better idea of the type of specialist they need to send for the project. For instance, if you want to completely revamp your existing landscaping that includes details, such as landscaping lighting, you will need to meet with a landscape contractor. 

Landscape contractors are experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with the existing landscaping, planning the landscaping for a new build, and revamping existing landscaping. 

Another option is a landscape architect. Landscape architects focus on landscaping that requires a more in-depth architectural design. 

Landscaping architects are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in even the most intricate detailed aspects of landscaping, such as engineering, drainage and design, and land grading. Both architects and contractors are registered with the state and licensed, but they provide very different services.

Landscape Design Services When You Need Them

Individuals that specialize in landscape design services typically have more of a focus on residential landscaping design as opposed to those who focus on commercial landscaping projects. 

Although many landscape designers are self-taught, there are also some that have earned a certificate in landscape design services through higher education courses.

The landscape design phase requires a lot of research, planning, and gathering ideas that will be included in the overall process. 

As the homeowner, you will generally work side-by-side with the landscape designer in order to assure that all of the elements you want in the landscaping design are incorporated into the finished project. For instance, if your vision includes landscaping lighting located throughout the design, your landscape designer will provide you with various lighting options and recommend the best option for your lawn and specific design.

Not only can your landscape designer help with the selection of landscape features, such as plant choices and lighting options, but they can also be helpful in providing recommendations for future lawn care, routine maintenance, pesticides, and other services provided by Roots Landscaping. 

Landscaping Supplies and Materials Around the Local Area

One of the best reasons to enlist the help of a landscaping specialist for your landscaping in DC is for help in choosing among the vast array of landscaping supplies and materials. 

There are numerous options to choose from, but your landscaping provider will help you choose the ideal trees, plants, flowers, and even pavers or rocks that are best suited for your lawn and overall design.

It’s essential that you take your time when choosing the landscaping supplies and materials that will be used in the landscape design. For example, if you are considering including a water feature in the design, it’s important to have an understanding of what is involved in the upkeep, such as keeping the water clean. 

There’s a wide range of materials you’ll need to choose from, such as mulch, flower bed edging, and paving stones as well as materials that will be used for hardscapes, such as choosing between stone or brick for a retaining wall.

It’s important that you not rush into making any decisions concerning your landscaping design as well as the services you’ll use for landscaping in DC. When selecting a landscape service, be sure to carefully read the reviews that have been left by previous customers and only select a provider that is experienced in the type of landscaping you want.