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The Last Bookstore


Article by Jessica Fitch

Photography by The Last Bookstore

For those of us who are book-readers, you might understand that feeling of digging and searching when trying to find just the right book to nestle into and get lost. That feeling is magnified tenfold in the right setting - with a rustic bookshop, with the smell of old pages, with a coffee in hand, or with rain outside. Look no further for that book-explorer-feeling, as you won't find a bookstore like this one.

The Last Bookstore began in 2005 in a Los Angeles loft, and has since had two other locations. Their current location is 22,000 square feet of bohemian, victorian, mad-scientist quirky decor. On their second floor, you'll find the "Labyrinth above the Last Bookstore" where you'll find book-related art pieces like their famous "Book Tunnel" (pictured above), and others that would make a photographer swoon.

As one of the largest independent bookstores still standing, their website lets us know that they sell over 250,000 new and used books, as well as records, graphic novels, and other knick-knacks. They share space with the Gather Yarn Shop, and the Spring Arts Collective gallery shops. If you have old books or records you are looking to clear out of your space, they also buy! Be sure to check out their buying requirements from their website.

The Last Bookstore was originally named with irony, but has since become a part of their very mission. They continue with signings, events, and online shipping through the hardest of times to keep print alive and well to each generation. Do your part to keep ink-and-paper alive buy buying online or visiting their amazing store and seeing for yourself!

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