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The #1 Exercise You Need to Lose Fat


Article by Emily Mobley

Photography by Amanda Donaho

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I hate to break it to ya, but cardio is NOT the answer for fat loss and body composition change. 


Let me explain. 

We want to lose body fat, not just weight. 

Body fat loss is what helps you sustain your progress, fit better in your clothes, look like you workout, and keeps your metabolism ON FIRE!

We can’t do this without strength training, because strength training is what builds muscle… aka: say hello to that toned look!! 

So, what does weight lifting even mean?!

Weight lifting is NOT:

→ Intense bootcamp classes where you’re sweating your ass off feeling like you might die (been there). 

→ A bodybuilding competition (no, you will not look “bulky”). 

→ High intensity interval training where your heart rate reaches insanely high numbers.

→ Picking up the 2.5 pound dumbbell when you know you can lift so much more. 

Weight lifting IS:

→ Challenging yourself to add more weight over time (this is progressive overload). 

→ Taking rest in between sets and not basing your entire workout off of how much you sweat. 

→ Feeling empowered by your workouts, not drained from them

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